Writing Studies

In the Writing Studies area, students study not only the process of writing—how people write, how people learn to write, how writing both records and transmits meaning—but also the concrete effects that writing has and continues to have on our world.

Writing Studies students learn how to build and critique arguments; how to use writing in the pursuit of personal, political, professional, and social goals; and how to research and produce writing in its twenty-first century forms, including Web texts, graphic novels, blogs, wikis, videos, and multimedia presentations.

Courses in Writing Studies prepare students for employment in publishing houses, newspapers, nonprofit organizations, education, and large companies in a variety of editing, writing, advertising, and publication positions, or they can use their work in this area as a first step toward further graduate study in law, rhetoric/composition, communication, international business, English as a second language, or library science.

Last updated: 8/25/2014

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