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The Case for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Letter from the Dean

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences aspires to be nationally recognized for its superior and innovative educational experiences across the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts. Our goal is to provide effective programs that are responsive to the needs of the region and to allow all members of the college–faculty, staff, and students–to serve together to enhance quality of life.

As the largest college at Georgia Southern University, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is poised to move in exciting new directions and continue its vital role as a catalyst for intellectual, cultural, and economic development in the region. In the face of declining state revenues, however, the college needs private support to reach its goals.

The fundraising objective of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is to build world-class teaching and research capabilities to better serve our students and the region. In particular, the college needs financial support for the following activities:

  • Undergraduate student learning opportunities involving supervised field research, improved studio and laboratory space and equipment, and support for travel to professional conferences and symposia
  • Study abroad programs to immerse students in different languages and cultures as part of an increasingly interconnected world
  • Graduate student assistantships to attract and retain the best and brightest graduate students in the college
  • Undergraduate scholarships, particularly in music, art, and theatre, to help the college maintain its high quality cultural offerings that are so important to the quality of life on campus and in the community
  • Faculty-student seed grant awards to facilitate grant proposals and increase research funding to the college
  • Faculty teaching fellowships to support improvements in teaching and the development of new and innovative ways of instructional delivery

You can make your donation online, or you can download the pledge of support form.

As Georgia Southern University continues its evolution into a comprehensive university with regional focus but national reach, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is poised to make significant improvements in its programs. With your support, we can achieve our boldest dreams.

Last updated: 10/29/2015