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bookstack2Why is English such a useful major? For one thing, the close study of literature trains students to think critically and communicate effectively. English majors analyze texts — poems, stories, novels, essays, and other literary works — and find new ways to understand them. This analytic skill can be applied practically on the job, as can the superior writing skills that English majors are famous for. Many English majors also possess creative, flexible minds that can offer fresh approaches to situations in several workplaces.


English majors tend to be more passionate about their education than students in more vocationally oriented degree programs. An English degree signals to employers that a job candidate cares about more than just money. It signals one’s appreciation for the aesthetic value of literature as an expression of our humanity — in a way that a business degree, for example, cannot. Companies value English graduates for all of these traits, so a B.A. in English can easily lead to a professional career in several fields. (The English Department at the University of Illinois at Springfield)

The Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in literature at Georgia Southern is designed to create several outcomes for the English major. You will be prepared for a career. You will be confident of your progression in future studies. You will be able to think critically about the world around you. You will articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely.

English majors are problem solvers, having learned to analyze material, communicate clearly, and write coherently. They can typically express themselves and present logical arguments, both written and orally.

In a recent study issued by the Education Testing Service, English majors scored better than every other major except one on the GRE. The majors that scored higher? Philosophy majors, your departmental peers.

B.A. in English Curriculum Checklist – 2016-2017 –  (printable)
B.A. in English – Education Track – Curriculum Checklist – 2016-2017 –   (printable)

If you declared English as your major before Fall 2015, use these Curriculum Checklists to keep up with your progress:

B.A. in English Curriculum Checklist (printable)
B.A. in English – Education Track – Curriculum Checklist (printable)
Minor in English Curriculum Checklist (dropdown list)
Required Course (3 hrs.)
  • ENGL 2131 – Introduction to Literary Studies
    Must be taken prior to or concurrent with all upper division courses.
Minor Program (15 hrs.)
  • ENGL – Students minoring in Literature must take at least 9 hours in ENGL Upper Division courses at the 3000 level or above.

Last updated: 8/7/2017

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