Recent MPA alum lands city manager job!


The Clintonville City Council approved a contract for Sharon Eveland to be the next city administrator for the city of Clintonville.

The Council approved the contract by an 8-0-1 vote when it met Monday, Feb. 27. Alderman Brad Rokus abstained from the vote, while Alderman Chuck Manske was excused from the meeting.

Eveland’s contract calls for her to be paid an annual salary of $75,000. It also includes a bonus for living within city limits.

The contract states, “During any time period that the employee has established primary residence within the city of Clintonville, she shall receive an annual bonus of $2,000, paid in increments consistent with the regular payroll of the employee.”

The contract takes effect April 10, and Eveland will be on probationary status for a period of one year from the date of the start of employment with the city.

Eveland’s salary will increase by $500 after her six-month anniversary date if she receives an overall positive performance evaluation After that, compensation increases will be based on results of performance evaluations.

Eveland grew up in Richmond Hill, Georgia and recently received a master’s degree in public administration from Georgia Southern University. She also interned with the deputy city manager/interim city administrator for six months for the city of Statesboro in Georgia.

She said her main responsibilities were working with the fire and police departments with recruitment and hiring issues. She also worked on award recognition for the city.

Prior to going back to school, she served in the military for eight years. While in the military, she worked in Naval Intelligence and was an Arabic translator.


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