Dr. Patsy Kraeger visits Beijing and Seoul


Patsy Kraeger, PhD attended the 2016 ISQOLS (International Society for Quality of Life Studies) Annual Conference (Bridging Quality of Life experiences from East to West in Seoul, Korea in September at Seoul National University.)  She was the lead presenter along with Rhonda Phillips, PhD Dean, Honors College, Purdue University and President of ISQOLS a paper on American State Arts Commissions: Incubators for Civic Engagement and Community Development.  Academics from 53 countries presented at the conference.  Dr. Phillips and Dr. Kraeger are co-authors and co-editors on the upcoming book in Routledge’ Community Planning and Development Series, Critical Concepts in the Built Environment.

Prior to the conference, Dr. Kraeger met with her research collaborator Dr. Xianming Huang on Social Enterprise/Benefit Corporations at the Capitol University of Economics and Business, College for Urban Economics and Public Administration in Beijing.  Dr. Kraeger gave a talk on East-West University Study Differences to the Dean, Assistant Dean, Director, Professors and students as well as other staff and a national government official.  Dr. Kraeger also discussed opportunities for international students to study public administration at Georgia Southern’s Institute for Public and Nonprofit studies.  In January of 2016, Dr. Kraeger presented research on California Benefit Corporations at the CLASS Great Minds Lecture Series.

Dr. Kraeger presented her colleagues at the Capitol University of Economics and Business with a commemorative cup from IPNS.  She also brought Chinese candy back to share with her MPA students!

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