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General Information for Public Relations Internships

Though an internship is not required for my major in Public Relations, I would like to complete one for the experience.  So what do I do next?

1. Understand exactly what internships are all about.

Internship Description
An internship is a partnership between an employer/supervisor and the student intern. Interns work under the supervision of a public relations professional to gain experience in the field. Internships provide first-hand, practical experience that can be used to make the intern more competitive upon graduation. Students work for internship sites in exchange of training for a professional career. A supervisor with professional and/or academic training in public relations is required to supervise the intern throughout the tenure of the internship.

The Public Relations program offers a list of possible internship sites for PR majors. Internship locations range from Statesboro and Savannah to Atlanta and cities that border Georgia. Some sites do offer travel/parking stipends, and a few sites offer compensation.

Interns can register for up to 12 hours of academic credit, but only three hours of credit can be applied towards a student’s degree completion.

A three-credit internship constitutes at least 200 actual hours of work.
A six-credit internship constitutes at least 350 actual hours of work.*
A nine-credit internship constitutes at least 500 actual hours of work.*
A 12-credit internship constitutes at least 650 actual hours of work.*

*A maximum of three hours can be applied to the major.  All remaining hours that a student may select to earn would simply be at the student’s discretion and will not count toward any hours needed for degree completion.

Change in actual hours of work effective Spring 2015.


2. Complete the Placement Process.

Placement Process
Every August and January, mandatory Internship Informational Meetings are held to help guide students through the Placement and PR Internship Process. Pay attention to announcements in class and fliers and information posted by the Internship Coordinator in the Department about the specific date and time of these meetings.  Attend the meeting and ask questions, if needed.

At this meeting, the deadlines for internship applications will be announced. The applications provide students the opportunity to state their intent to complete an internship (for credit) and to list the three sites from the Approved PR Internship Site List where the student would like to apply (this list is posted outside the Internship Coordinator’s office). The Internship Coordinator will then contact the student with the details regarding how to apply to the three sites listed on the application.  If none of the sites ultimately hire the student, the Internship Coordinator will work to give the student additional options from the list.  Note that a site cannot be guaranteed to any specific student.  Efforts will be made to assist students in locating a site to complete their internship, however, neither the internship coordinator or the department will place students at any site. It is the responsibility of the student,  if they are approved to complete an internship for credit, to follow the directions as described in the email regarding contacting the prospective sites.

Registration for the internship course is by permission only.  Thus, your application will also be used to register you for the course.

Finally, pay attention to University’s Course Catalog Requirements for the internship. Candidates must have taken (and passed with a C or better) PRCA 2330 and 3330. Candidates must have the required 2.5 GPA before being placed in an internship site. Additionally, sites located outside Georgia require higher GPA standards (see FAQ for details). Students must meet all prerequisite course and GPA requirements before they will be allowed to complete an internship for credit in public relations.  Any student concerns regarding failure to meet requirements, but desire to complete an internship for academic credit, must be submitted in writing to the Internship Coordinator and will be handled in an appeal process which includes the need for approval of all professors and instructors in the PR Area within the department.

Sites not on the PR Internship Approved Site List
Students serve in internships at established and approved sites. Therefore, no student can create an internship for academic credit without the prior approval of the Internship Coordinator. If you are interested in completing an internship at a site that is not currently listed on the approved site list for PR Internships, note that a proposal is due to the Internship Coordinator the 30th day of the first month of the semester before the one during which the student hopes to complete the internship.  Thus, students wanting to complete an internship during the Spring Term need to submit a proposal for a site not currently on the approved list by August 30. Students wanting to intern during the Summer Term need to comply with the January 30 deadline.  Finally, students wanting to intern at a location not on the list during a Fall Term must submit their proposal by May 30.

Proposed internships must provide experience in public relations and not in marketing, sales, etc. Additionally, the site supervisor must have a communication background/degree (minimum) or public relations background/degree (preferred).

Proposals must include the following:

  • Department application
  • Your resume
  • In a memo format include the name of the proposed site, name of the site supervisor and their contact information (email and phone), and 1-2 paragraphs explaining why you are proposing this site
  • If available, the internship job description

The proposal should include information regarding why the student wants to complete the internship at the site being proposed, what type of experience they expect to receive at the site, why this experience could not be given at a site currently on the approved list, contact information for the student and the proposed supervisor (email and phone), as well as any other information the student thinks might be needed in making the determination regarding the proposed site’s approval. If you have the internship description from the site submit it with your proposal and application. You must submit your proposal along with your internship application and resume (all in hard copy format) by the deadline.

Application Deadlines:

For Approved Sites:

Fall semester July 5
Spring semester Oct. 5
Summer semester March 5


For Proposed Sites:

(i.e. proposing a new site)
Fall semester May 30
Spring semester Aug. 30
Summer semester Jan. 30

(When an above date falls on the weekend, the application deadline extends
to the Monday following the weekend)


3. Receive an Offer and Notify the Internship Coordinator

4. After Receiving an Internship “Job” Offer, Complete All Paperwork

Contracts and Syllabus
All necessary contracts and syllabus information will be provided by the Internship Coordinator once the student makes the coordinator aware of the internship job offer. The contracts must be completed and returned to the Internship Coordinator within the first two days of the internship. Other paperwork which must be completed include verification of insurance coverage and an off-campus student participation agreement. (see below)

5. Complete your PR Internship and all Requirements Listed in the Syllabus by the Internship Coordinator

6. Receive your PR Internship Grade

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions. FAQ-PR internship

Six reasons to complete a PR InternshipSixReasons

Student Feedback

Student interns submit a letter to the department describing their internship experience at the mid-point in the semester. Click here to read some of those letters.


Click here for a copy of the application. PR-Intern-Application. All students must submit an application whether submitting a proposal or seeking an internship with an approved site. This application is an internal department document. Once students receive approval from the internship coordinator, it is their responsibility to contact potential internship sites to secure a location. Students are not to contact sites until they have received approval from the internship coordinator.


Click here for a copy of the internship syllabus. PR-Intern-syllabus It is available in PDF format.

Supervisor-Intern Contract

Click here for a supervisor-intern contract and policies form. PR-Internship contract It is available in PDF format. This form must be completed and returned to the internship coordinator no later than 5 p.m. on the third day of class for the term in which they are completing their internship. Failing to submit this contract will result in being dropped from the internship course.

This contract also serves as your attendance verification.

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Click here to download and complete the insurance and working off campus forms. These forms must be completed and returned to the internship coordinator no later than 5 p.m. on the third day of class for the term in which a student is completing their internship.

Complete one of the two insurance documents:

Insurance Coverage

No Insurance

Everyone, regardless of where their internship is taking place, must complete the Working Off Campus form.



For questions or more information, contact Dr. Michelle Groover, internship coordinator.

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