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This lecture will benefit all students and professionals in communication fields like PR, graphic design, marketing, film, and graphic communications management. How? For an example, use Augmented Reality to allow viewers to see your 3D work in 3D form from print collateral, push the envelope by creating an interactive 2D work of art or discover printing techniques that will make your portfolio shine for prospective employers…

Watch Augmented Reality in ActionWhat is Augmented Reality? 
How can one benefit from QR Codes? 
Is there hope for print collateral in a digital age? See more examples on BFSDoArt’s Facebook page →


Integrated Marketing, Multi-Channel Distribution, Social Media/Networking are a few of the many descriptors currently used to describe the new business models being implemented by advertisers, marketers and media strategists.  Our consumer society is abound with new devices, many hand held, as primary sources for communications and intra-connectivity which leads traditional, legacy medias such as television, radio and Print to ask the larger questions “Where do we fit in?”  Is Print truly a waning media? Is it being replaced by ‘disruptive technology’?

A discussion on how the print industry can evolve its share by proving its effectiveness as part of the communications mix: how Print complements Social Networking and the Internet; how can eReaders and Tablets impact Publishing and readership; how using QR codes and Augmented Reality codes can add a multi-media and multi-dimensional aspect to enhance the user experience.

Using elements from SappiLife with Print US and European campaigns, this discussion demonstrates the truly unique way print adds value to capturing memories, imagination and attention to build brands, sell goods and deliver corporate messages. Focus is on generating visibility for the concept of print as a superior communications mix within the creative community and among advertising and marketing decision makers and influencers.

To compliment the New Media discussion, Dejan will also discuss Sappi Fine Paper’s Standard #5: Special Effects & Finishing Techniques which shows creative individuals how printing can be dimensional, tactile and sometimes interactive. The techniques that will be shown may look like magic, but many are easy for designers to prepare and can be done inline on a conventional printing press! Numerous foil-stamping techniques, embossing/debossing, engraving/thermography, varnish/aqueous/UV coating techniques, strike-through, laser die-cutting, lenticular printing, flocking, and a wide array of specialty inks and spot colors are but a few of the special effects and finishing techniques implemented to make this one of the most unique, educational and inspiring printed pieces to compliment Sappi’s Standard series.  All it takes are a few printing tips, the right paper, and letting your imagination go. The Standard #5 from Sappi is an educational reference piece that combines the technical with the creative.

For more information about Sappi, visit their website!

North American ETC Print & Creative Manager

An award-winning graphic designer, art/creative director, production manager and print buyer, Daniel Dejan is widely respected in the print communications industry as a graphic arts educator, author and consultant. As North American ETC Print & Creative Manager for Sappi Fine Paper, Mr. Dejan provides value-added marketing, sales and technical consultation as well as in-house and end-user training and education for the print, paper and creative communities. He is member of Sappis ETC GroupEducation, Consulting and Training.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Dejan has written for various graphic arts publications.  He served as technical consultant and a contributing writer for The Designers Guide to Print Production. Mr. Dejan is Certified G7 Expert with a proficiency in Color and Color Management. He has shared his expertise, presenting keynote addresses, seminars and workshops for AIGA chapters, the Printing Industries of America, Canadian Printing Industries, IDEAlliance, the IPA, the Spectrum Conference (which he co-chaired in 2007), Print Production Clubs and Art Directors Club throughout the US and Canada, National and International print, design and marketing events, conferences and symposiums as well as in numerous presentations hosted by paper merchants, printers and corporations which keeps him on the road in excess of 200 days per year much to the chagrin of his family and pets.


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