Meet: Sarah Maciejewski

Sarah Maciejewski Name

What courses within the Writing and Linguistics department have you taken so far, and when did you take them?

  • I’ve taken ENGL1102 and am currently taking Everyday Creative Writing (WRIT2131) with Dr. Welford  and Creative Writing (WRIT3130) with Professor Sexton.

What made you decide to take a course in the Writing & Linguistics department? Have you taken any other courses?

  • The reason I changed my major to Writing & Linguistics is that the staff in Writing & Linguistics was the friendliest that I interacted with and I knew I wanted to be a liberal arts major and have always enjoyed writing.

How can you apply what you’ve learned (or are currently learning) in this course to your current major and potential career?

  • It’s essential for me to be able to write in my current major and as a future copyeditor it’s going to be useful for me to understand how to make good writing.

How have your experiences in the department been? Would you recommend a writing course to a friend?

  • My experience in the department has gone well and I’ve recommended writing courses to multiple friends.

Are you a part of any departmental clubs or organizations? If so, which ones?

  • I sometimes attend the creative writing club and the writer’s guild; I’m more involved in the creative writing club.

Last updated: 7/20/2016

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