BurroughsThe Writing Center at Georgia Southern University gives students the opportunity for individualized feedback on their writing from experienced writers and teachers of writing.

In the writing center, students from any course and at any stage of the writing process can sign up for half-hour or hour-long conferences and receive advice on improving their drafts. The Center is a part of the Department of Writing and Linguistics and staffed by graduate and undergraduate peer tutors.

Though Writing Center consultants will not proofread papers (find all the grammar and/or punctuation problems and correct them for students), they will make suggestions, work on organization and development, point students to useful resources, and help students to identify and fix grammar/punctuation problems on their own.

If you’re a faculty member and would like someone from the Writing Center to visit your class and give a short talk to your students about our services, please visit our Classroom Visits page.

In addition to individual conferences, the Writing Center also provides access to writing, Web, and desktop publishing technologies in its open computer lab and makes available a host of other writing-related resources.

Feel free to come in and browse our Wall of Fame. The Writing Center has received personal letters from more than 50 nationally known celebrities, writers, politicians, and corporate CEOs about the value of writing in their professions and to them personally. Come see what George Bush, Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, Al Gore, Colin Powell, Jackie Collins, Larry McMurtry, Doris Lessing, Ted Danson, Bill Maher, Arnold Palmer, and many others have to say to Georgia Southern students about the power and importance of good communication skills.

University Writing Center • Forest Drive Building, Room 1119 • (912) 478-1413