Barbers Against Prostate Cancer

Project Leads: K. Bryant Smalley, Ph.D., Psy.D., Georgia Southern University & Jacob C. Warren, Ph.D., Mercer University

The Barbers Against Prostate Cancer Research Subproject aims to refine and test a novel prostate cancer screening educational program with African American men.

Prostate cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in men in the U.S. Moreover, African American men have the highest incidence rate for prostate cancer and are twice as likely as White men to die from the disease. Most prostate cancer information is readily available in doctor’s offices. However, many African Americans do not have access or do not regularly use the health centers. Also, a lot of prostate cancer materials are not easy to read and are focused toward a general audience. Instead, information should be available in places where African American men visit often, such as the barbershop. The barbershop is a source for a lot of information, including health information. Information should also be received from a person who is trusted and accepted, such as a barber. Barbers are known as business leaders and opinion shapers in the community, and barbers have an important role to play as lay health educators.

This research subproject has two primary aims: 1) to refine a prostate cancer screening education program and to train barbers to deliver this program for rural African American men; and 2) to test the effect of the prostate cancer screening education program on informed decision making (knowing the pros and cons of screening) among rural African American men.

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Last updated: 11/5/2015

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