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Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta is a law fraternity with a national pre-law program committed to meeting the needs of undergraduate students interested in the law. The fundamental objective of P.A.D.’s Pre-Law Program is to assist undergraduate students in making an informed choice in selecting law as a career, deciding which law school to attend, and in preparing for the rigors of law school.

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President: Hillary Davis
Vice-president: Zainab Oladega
Secretary: Sherrod Hollingshed
Treasurer: Ali Padgett
PAD Georgia Southern University
Rebecca Davis

Mock Mediation Club

Mediation is a fast growing form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), used in all forms of dispute resolution including criminal, corporate, and other civil disputes. Victim-offender conferencing and mediation programs designed to reduce school violence have been evaluated and shown to produce a number of positive outcomes for victims, offenders, and community members. Through the Mock Mediation model, students are exposed to a mediation setting in which they simulate the process of mediation to find the best possible solutions to the conflict in a peaceful manner.

The Mock Mediation Club of Georgia Southern University was established in the fall semester of 2013, with the purpose of enabling students at Georgia Southern University to be exposed to Mediation and the skills associated with the process. Mediation and conflict resolution is a useful skill to students pursuing any avenue of study and the opportunity to engage in the concepts of mediation is provided by the club. To date, the club has received 20 regional and national awards, including Small Student Organization of the Year.

The practice of mediation prepares students for a variety of professions including criminal justice, business, law, communications, psychology, and much more. By preparing for competitions and on campus events, our members are apt in the skills of communication, critical thinking, negotiation, and collaboration. Mock Mediation Club gives members the ability to utilize skills that have become pertinent in today’s job market.

President: Jessica Shanken (Email:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Laura E. Agnich (Email:

Electronic Discussion Group

Prelaw-l is moderated by Rebecca Davis, Director of the Office of Pre-Law Advising. You can contact the moderator directly via email at

The essence of an electronic discussion group is discussions from the subscribers. Contributions can be short questions or long documents. Please sign your name and email address to each contribution. To place a message on prelaw-l do one of the following:

Anything you email to prelaw-l will be distributed to all subscribers. If you wish to communicate with a particular individual you should use their personal email address, not the list server.

Managing your subscription

Please note: the word “prelaw” is followed by a hyphen and the LOWERCASE LETTER L (l), not the number 1.

To subscribe, send this email message to subscribe prelaw-l firstname lastname

Do not put anything into the subject heading or anything else in the body of the message (e.g., do not include your signature).

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