Commercial LSAT Prep Courses

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The Law School Admission Council

  • The Law School Admission Council: Register for the LSAT; browse through the ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA-approved law schools (including law school search tools); apply to law schools electronically; download forms; monitor your file online; order services



Law School Information

  • Noodle Law School Search: Connects students with schools, programs, resources, experts and more. Discover and compare educational opportunities.
  • Lawdragon: Search for, compare and sort schools by using various filter.
  • Boston College Law School Locator: Help identify schools and gauge chance of admissions at a particular school
  • The 2015-2016  NAPLA/SAPLA Book of Law School Lists – Information on ABA-Approved Law Schools. Contains information about law schools, including joint degree programs, areas of emphasis without graduate degrees, treatment of multiple LSAT scores by individual schools, schools that grant one-year deferrals, bar passage rates at a number of schools, schools that award non-need-based scholarships, study abroad, student journals, and much more.

Georgia Law Schools

Other law schools

  • Access Group: A not-for-profit law school lending organization, for information on financial aid for law school

Bar Associations



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