Dr. Tim Whelan has had two articles appear this month: (1) “From Thomas Mullett to Charles Dickens,Jr.: Creating, Sustaining and Expanding a West Country-London Baptist Circle,” in the Baptist Quarterly 48.2 (2017): 78-100. This is Dr. Whelan’s ninth article for the Baptist Quarterly, the official journal of the Baptist Historical Society; and (2)  “‘No Sanctuary for Philistines’: Baptists and Culture in the Eighteenth Century.” in Challenge and Change: English Baptist Life in the Eighteenth Century, edited by Stephen Copson and Peter J. Morden (London: Baptist Historical Society, 2017), 205-31.


Congratulations to Heather Correll, winner of
The Katherine Johnson CURIO Student Award for Best Presentation in the Humanities.    


Explore the world of words and ideas while preparing for a variety of creative and dynamic careers.   

The disciplines of literature and philosophy – the traditional core of the humanities – ask the big questions: What does it mean to be human? How do we make meaning in this world? What is the relationship of individuals to society?

Today these questions are complicated by topics such as class, race, ethnicity, and gender – all of which are addressed by the Department. From Shakespeare to Postcolonial Studies to Existentialism to Epistemology, the Department of Literature and Philosophy has something for everyone.

If you are committed to another major, the Department offers minors in English, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Irish Studies – all of which complement any major.

Studying literature or philosophy provides excellent preparation for professional employment in any area where the close examination of written texts and the ability to communicate well are important. The Department takes pride in working with students to connect their immediate studies with their long-term goals. The Department’s goal is to promote critical thinking, effective communication, and intellectual engagement with the key ideas in our fields.

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