Student Organizations

Justice Studies Club

Open to all Justice Studies majors.  Club members have numerous opportunities to network with criminal justice professionals throughout the year. This group organizes the annual internship and career fair, one of the Criminal Justice Departments signature events. Monthly meetings include presentations from guest speakers, as well as opportunities to interact with and get to know fellow Justice Studies students outside of the classroom.

President – Braden Dobbins

Vice President – Heather Hatfield

Secretary – Tabitha Holmes

Treasurer – Daniel Smith

Marketing/Fundraising Chair- Tripp Whitcomb

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chad Posick

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Mock Mediation Club

Mediation is a fast growing form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), used in all forms of dispute resolution including criminal, corporate, and other civil disputes.  Victim-offender conferencing and mediation programs designed to reduce school violence have been evaluated and shown to produce a number of positive outcomes for victims, offenders, and community members. Through the Mock Mediation model, students are exposed to a mediation setting in which they simulate the process of mediation to find the best possible solutions to the conflict in a peaceful manner.

The Mock Mediation Club of Georgia Southern University was established in the fall semester of 2013,  with the purpose of enabling students at Georgia Southern University to be exposed to Mediation and the skills associated with the process.  Mediation and conflict resolution is a useful skill to students pursuing any avenue of study and the opportunity to engage in the concepts of mediation is provided by the club. To date, the club has received 30 regional and national awards, including Small Student Organization of the Year and New Student Organization of the Year. Most recently, club members won 1st place for advocacy at the 2015 International Law School Mediation Tournament.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Laura E. Agnich

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Last updated: 6/8/2015

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