Honors Program

University Honors Program students majoring in Criminal Justice and Criminology can elect to achieve College Honors by satisfying the requirements listed below. The expectation of the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology is that students achieving honors in Criminal Justice and Criminology will distinguish themselves by conducting advanced research in the topics of justice, crime or the law. Requirements

  • Admission to College Honors Program by the University Honors Program (see the University Honors Program site for requirements)
  • Completion of twelve hours of honors credit in Criminal Justice and Criminology.
  • Nine of these hours will be satisfied by contracting for honors in upper-level Criminal Justice and Criminology courses (CRJU courses 3000+). The contract stipulates what work above and beyond the standard course requirements qualifies the course for honors credit, and it identifies the criteria by which the student’s performance will be evaluated. All contracts must be completed and signed before the course begins, and copies furnished to the UHP Director, the department chairperson, and the student’s advisor. A contract signed by the student and instructor must be turned in to the Honors Director by Drop Day and the Honors Contract Completion form must be turned in at the conclusion of the course. Typically, contracting for honors in Criminal Justice and Criminology courses will entail an additional research project or, if the course already includes a research project, a more extensive research paper. (See UHP Guidelines for Honors Contracts for more information.)
  • The final three hours of honors credit will be satisfied by completing CRJU 4930, Criminal Justice and Criminology Honors Thesis (this course satisfies the capstone requirement for College Honors). The honors student, with the approval and guidance of a faculty mentor, plans and executes a substantial independent research project on a topic related to justice, crime, or the law. In addition to a 35-50 page research paper, students will complete a poster presentation of their research findings.


  • Students completing College Honors in Criminal Justice and Criminology will have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor to explore their intellectual interests.
  • Students will be provided with a rigorous academic experience that will prepare them well for graduate school, law school, or professional employment.
  • Students will have their achievement recognized by a Honors Program seal on their diplomas and a notation on their transcripts.

Last updated: 10/2/2014

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