Name Title Degree Office (Carroll) Phone (912) Email Profile
Laura E. Agnich Associate Professor Ph.D. Virginia Tech 1092 478-8027 moreinfo
brenda Brenda Sims Blackwell, Chair Professor Ph.D. University of Oklahoma 1101 478-0202 moreinfo
Adam Bossler Professor Ph.D. University of Missouri-St. Louis 1079 478-0199 moreinfo
Rebecca Davis Bar Assoc 3 Rebecca Davis Associate Professor J.D. University of Georgia 2213 478-0064 moreinfo
gould-v2 Laurie Gould Associate Professor Ph.D. University of Central Florida 1076 478-1397 moreinfo
Grubb Jonathan Grubb Assistant Professor Ph.D. Sam Houston State University 1091 478-7351  moreinfo
Barbara King Barbara King, Internship Coordinator Lecturer M.A. Southern Illinois University Carbondale  1088 478-8026 moreinfo
Bryan Miller, Associate Professor Ph.D. University of Florida 1065 478-5213 moreinfo
Posick_Chad Chad Posick, Graduate Coordinator Assistant Professor Ph.D. Northeastern University 2218 478-7098 moreinfo
 Darby Williams Lecturer  J.D. Western State University 1093  478-5790
Part-Time Temporary/Adjunct and Visiting Full-Time Faculty
Name Email
Dr. Leah Grubb
Troy Marsh
Catherine Sapp
Wendell Turner
 Sarah Rogers
Name Title Office Phone Email
Laurie Hartlett Administrative Assistant 1101A 478-8007
Caysi Warren Justice Studies Academic Advisor 1087A 478-7740
 Eileen Swan Justice Studies Academic Advisor 1087C 478-7306


Last updated: 8/2/2017

Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology • PO Box 8105 • Statesboro, GA 30460 • (912) 478-8007 •