Three Year Rotation

Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology
Elective* Course Rotation**

Fall Every Year:
CRJU 3133: Criminal Procedure
*CRJU 3134: Investigations
CRJU 3431: Juvenile Justice
**CRJU 3531: Victimology
***CRJU 4031: Counseling and Supervising Offenders
CRJU 4137: Law & Society
CRJU 4192/4192S: Special Topics

Spring Every Year
CRJU 3131: Criminal Law
CRJU 3133: Criminal Procedure
CRJU 3134: Investigations
**CRJU 3432: Gangs and Society
**CRJU 3931: Issues in Homeland Security
CRJU 4639: Inside-Out

Fall Even Years:
CRJU 3538: Gender, Crime, &Justice
**CRJU 3731: Crimes against Humanity
CRJU 3831: Popular Culture and Justice

Spring Even Years:
**CRJU 3533: Crimes against Vulnerable Populations
CRJU 3534: Drugs and Society
CRJU 3536: School Violence
CRJU 4532: Transnational Criminality

Fall Odd Years:
CRJU 3631: Crime and Justice in Public Policy
****CRJU 3732: Conflict Resolution
CRJU 3733: Equality, Crime, and Justice

Spring Odd Years:
CRJU 3535: Family Violence
CRJU 3537: Communities and Crime
CRJU 3632: The Death Penalty
**CRJU 4830: Justice Administration


**Out of rotation 16/17 school year
***If faculty available
****Scheduled Spring 2017, but normally Fall Odd Year

*Required classes are offered Fall and Spring Semesters
**This course rotation may fluctuate with faculty, curriculum, and resource shifts

Posted 1/2017


Last updated: 1/5/2017

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