Program Outcomes

Undergraduate students completing the BSJS degree in Justice Studies will be able to demonstrate the following abilities:

1)      Evaluate the merits of competing theoretical perspectives used to explain the nature of crime and demonstrate an ability to apply criminological theories to specific types of crime;

2)      Demonstrate an ability to apply ethical principles to criminal justice issues, policies, and practices and evaluate their implications;

3)      Explain the criminal justice process, the role of discretion among criminal justice actors, and evaluate best practices;

4)      Compare and contrast the United States criminal justice system with that of other nations with an understanding of historical and cultural contexts;

5)      Evaluate the historical, political, and social contexts and empirical support for a particular criminal justice policy area;

6)      Demonstrate an understanding of the research process by both conducting original research and analyzing existing data.

Last updated: 10/24/2013

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