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An tIonad um Thaighde agus Theagasc Éireannachaline2

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When mailing: Post Office Box 8142 (Attention: D. Jason Slone PhD, Associate Dean), Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA 30460line2

Founded on St. Patrick’s Day of 1995

Over a quarter-century as the flagship Irish Studies unit in the University System of Georgia.line2

Director, March 1995 – July 2004: Frederick K. Sanders PhD

Director, August 2004 – December 2016: Howard J. Keeley PhDline2


CIRT offers hearty good wishes to the following Irish Studies students who, during Spring 2017, have received acceptance into prestigious graduate programs:

• Mallary McGahee | MSc in Social Work | Columbia University
• Kurt McGee | PhD in Literature (Irish Studies emphasis) | University of Notre Dame (full ride with annual stipend)
• Aleyna Rentz | MA in Creative Writing | Johns Hopkins University (full ride with annual stipend)
• Sarah Ryniker | PhD in Human Geography | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee




Some of What CIRT (the Center for Irish Research and Teaching) Offers:

• Since 1995 (our founding year): The interdisciplinary Minor in Irish Studies (15 credit hours)

• Since 2008: Two undergraduate Study-in-Ireland programs each summer, with six credit hours available per program. Summer of 2016 brought to over 510 the number of students who’ve benefited from these high-quality opportunities.

• Since 2010: One graduate Research-in-Ireland program each summer to advance the production of Master’s theses and doctoral dissertations.

• Since 2012: The annual Distinguished Irish Lecture Series, showcasing a leading scholar or thought-leader.

• The decade ending March 2016 saw the full endowment (at the Georgia Southern University Foundation) of two scholarships: the Eddie Ivie Scholarship for Study in Ireland; and the Helen Ryan Collins Memorial Scholarship in Irish Studies. In 2016, the recipient of the former was Mallary McGahee, and the recipient of the latter was Rachel Doggett.


• CIRT provides—and raises the financing for—one of the most extensive public-programming and outreach efforts by any unit within the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. In February 2017, we provided the Sixth Annual Distinguished Lecture in Irish Studies. The speaker, Clair Wills PhD, is the Milberg Chair in Irish Letters and a Professor of English at Princeton University and a Fellow of the Royal Irish Academy, Ireland’s premier scholarly body.  On 9 December 2016, we sponsored Celtic Christmas, featuring singer-musicians Harry O’Donoghue and Carroll Brown—a sold-out show at the Averitt Center for the Arts in downtown Statesboro. In November 2016, our “Samhain” series brought to campus for public events a leading Irish sociologist, Jonathan Culleton PhD, and a famous Irish actor, Barry McGovern.

• CIRT hosts Irish Studies conferences and symposia, whose keynoters have included a Nobel Prize winner.

• CIRT publishes Irish Studies South, the peer-reviewed academic journal of the Southern Chapter of the American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS-South)—and it also produces that organization’s website.

• CIRT maintains agreements with the Georgia Historical Society and Emory University that give our students special access to world-class archival resources.

• CIRT manages the Memorandum of Understanding that Georgia Southern University operates with Waterford Institute of Technology, the premier university in southeastern Ireland.

• CIRT works with an Advisory Board of Irish-Americans and other stakeholders in Savannah, GA, and a similarly constituted Advisory Committee in Augusta, GA.

• CIRT serves a range of community groups, delivering talks, articles, and networking. Friends we’re proud to work with include the Irish Heritage Society of Sun City-Hilton Head (South Carolina); the Hibernian Society of Savannah; the Savannah Irish Festival; the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Committee; the Bulloch County Historical Society; and many more.

• CIRT produces hundreds of pages of assessment material annually to stay accountable to the citizens of Georgia.

• In addition to teaching a full load and maintaining a publishing agenda, the CIRT Director generated $70,000 in external research grant funding and an additional $75,000 in philanthropic donations between October 2015 and December 2016.




Talk to Us!

For general information about the mission and activities of CIRT (the Center for Irish Research and Teaching)—including summer opportunities for full-credit study in Ireland—please contact the administrator with day-to-day responsibility for the unit: Dr. D. Jason Slone, Associate Dean (Interdisciplinary Programs), College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Jason’s postal address is Georgia Southern University, P.O. Box 8142, Statesboro, GA 30460-8142, USA. His email is You can also call him on 912-478-2527.


For information about the Interdisciplinary Minor in Irish Studies, please contact Dr. Christine Ludowise, Associate Dean with responsibility for students and curriculum, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences:


For information about the grant-funded Wexford-Savannah Axis research project, please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Howard J. Keeley. Howard’s email is His postal address is Georgia Southern University, P.O. Box 8023, Statesboro, GA 30460-8023.




Spring 2017 Semester Courses Applicable to the Irish Studies Minor

In our global economy, the interdisciplinary Minor in Irish Studies is a smart—as well as an exciting—investment. Employers and graduate programs actively seek individuals who can demonstrate international literacy. Ireland’s economy is among the most global on the planet.

The Minor requires 15 credit hours, at least 12 of which must be at the upper division (i.e. courses at the 3000 level or higher.) You may need an override or some other form of help to successfully register for one or more of the courses listed below. Should that situation arise, please email Dr. Christine Ludowise, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences: It’s our pleasure to assist you. All of us at Georgia Southern University are fully committed to our institution’s student-centered mission.


While normally offered during the Spring semester, the Introduction to Irish Studies course is not available in Spring 2017. However, for that semester we’re pleased to provide a significant number of courses applicable to the Interdisciplinary Minor in Irish Studies. Here’s the menu:

Ethnicity and Nationalism
CRN 13327 • POLS 3335 (A) • Upper Division • 3 Credit Hours
Tu & Th • 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM • Carroll 1024
Instructor: Srobana Bhattacharya PhD

European Cultures
CRN 19026 • ANTH 3332 (A) • Upper Division • 3 Credit Hours
Mo & We • 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM • Carroll 2255
Instructor: Barbara Hendry PhD

History of Religion in the United States
CRN 18937 • HIST 3139 (A) • Upper Division • 3 Credit Hours
Mo, We & Fr • 9:05 AM – 9:55 AM • Forest Drive 1106
Instructor: James Woods PhD

Irish Literature before 1850
CRN 15385 • ENGL 5235 (A) • Upper Division • 3 Credit Hours
Tu & Th • 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM • Newton 1110
Instructor: Howard Keeley PhD

Sociology of Community
CRN 18192 • SOCI 4132 (A) • Upper Division • 3 Credit Hours
Tu & Th • 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM • Carroll 1023
Instructor: William Smith PhD

Sociology of Religion
CRN 18191 • SOCI 4133 (A) • Upper Division • 3 Credit Hours
Tu & Th • 9:30 AM – 10:45 PM • Carroll 2240
Instructor: William Smith PhD

Twentieth- & Twenty-First-Century British Literature
CRN 15353 • ENGL 5432 (A) • Upper Division • 3 Credit Hours
Mo & We • 5:30 PM – 6:45 PM • Newton 2206
Instructor: Dustin Anderson PhD

Your interdisciplinary Minor must contain 15 credit hours. Three of those hours may (but don’t have to) derive from lower-division course work. Either of the following two lower-division courses for Spring 2017 is countable towards the Irish Studies Minor.

World Literature 2: Writing from 1650 to 2017 (Irish Emphases)
CRN 11295 • ENGL 2112 (H) • Lower Division • 3 Credit Hours
Tu & Th • 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM • College of Education Building 1127
Instructor: Howard Keeley PhD

World Literature 2: Writing from 1650 to 2017 (Irish Emphases)
CRN 12130 • ENGL 2112 (M) • Lower Division • 3 Credit Hours
Tu & Th • 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM • Newton 1110
Instructor: Howard Keeley PhD




Make a Donation: Secure the Margin of Excellence

The Center practices unit-level entrepreneurialism. As it does not receive regular E&G (educational and general) funding from Georgia Southern University, it relies on grants and philanthropic donations to accomplish its academic mission. Thank you for your interest and help.

Please contact Sue Bunning—the Foundation Officer for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences—to contribute to our Irish Studies funds. Sue’s email address is Her direct line is 912-478-2435.

Fund 0496 • Irish Studies General Fund

Fund 3760 • Helen Ryan Collins Memorial Scholarship in Irish Studies

Fund 3604 • Eddie Ivie Scholarship for Study in Ireland

Fund 0777 • Fred and Donna Sanders Irish Studies Lectureship

Fund 0968 • Wexford-Savannah Axis Research Fund

Fund 0650 • Dr. Gary B. Sullivan Irish Studies Scholarship


Honest Disclosure: How Georgia Southern Manages Your Donation

Several donors have asked for a gift-management statement on our website, and we’re delighted to oblige. In general, 95% of your donation is transferred directly to the designated unit. In other words, the Georgia Southern University Foundation assesses a 5% gift-reinvestment fee on non-endowed gifts. This one-time fee is applied to a gift at the end of the month during which it’s received. The 5% fee is redirected to college development officers to support their travel  expenses and to pay for alumni-relations events and donor-relations activities. In the case of endowed funds (such as the Eddie Ivie Scholarship for Study in Ireland),  a 1% service fee based on the account’s fair market value is assessed by the Foundation on July 1 each year to support the university’s operational needs related to philanthropic growth.




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