MPA Orientation

Each Fall Semester, all new and continuing MPA students are required to attend a student orientation, which is held on the first Saturday following the start of classes.  For new students, the orientation is an opportunity to become acquainted with the MPA program’s faculty and students, as well as gain a sense of various curricular expectations and programmatic norms.  Continuing students must attend the second half of the orientation to learn about important programmatic updates and as an official start to the new academic year.

Students admitted in the Spring Semester are required to attend an abbreviated orientation on the first Friday following the start of classes.

Future Orientation Dates


Fall Semester – Saturday, August 19

Spring Semester – Friday, January 12


Fall Semester – Saturday, August 18

Spring Semester – Friday, January 18


Fall Semester – Saturday, August 17

Spring Semester – Friday, January 17

Additional details about the orientation will be sent via email.

Last updated: 8/22/2017

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