Capstone and Comprehensive Examinations

The Capstone Seminar (PBAD 7638) serves as the culminating course for the MPA degree program.  Students should typically enroll in the Capstone course in the same semester as their intended graduation date.  It is important to note that students enrolled in the Capstone Seminar will be required to sit for a comprehensive examination.  The comprehensive examination is comprised of two sections. The first section contains questions related to courses in the core curriculum, while the second section is tailored to the student’s area of concentration in the MPA program.

Upcoming Examination Dates


Fall Semester – Monday, October 30

Spring Semester – Monday, March 26

Summer Semester (permission only) – Monday, June 25


Fall Semester – Monday, October 29

Spring Semester – Monday, March 25

Summer Semester (permission only) – Monday, June 24


Fall Semester – Monday, October 28

Spring Semester – Monday, March 30

Summer Semester (permission only) – Monday, June 29

Last updated: 8/22/2017

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