History Film Festival Schedule Announce for Fall 2017

Department News for August 2017

The Department is pleased to welcome Dr. Corinna Zeltsman. Her research focuses on printers
and politics in nineteenth-century Mexico and she will be teaching courses on the history of
Latin America. zeltsman/

Paul Rodell presented a paper on Philippine political traditions and the current administration of
President Rodrigo Duterte at a workshop on “Illiberal Democracies” at Georgia State University.
The workshop was hosted by that university’s Center for Democracy and Human Rights and
their Center for Middle East Studies. He also co-authored the article “Reaching for the Vision:
The ATWS/AGSS Story,” that appeared in the fall 2016 issue of the Journal of Global South
Studies, pp. 17-71.

Dr. Craig Roell was awarded the Who's Who Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement
Award for 2017. He also appears as a talking head in San Jacinto, the latest documentary film in
the award-winning, eight-part “Birth of Texas Series,” Mike Vance, producer. DVD video.
Houston: Texas Historical Foundation, 2017.

History graduate helps local museum secure grant

Former undergraduate and graduate history student Shannon Browning- Mullis successfully led the effort to secure a $250,000 NEH grant for reinterpretation of the Owens-Thomas house museum in Savannah. Already things have greatly changed in the interpretation presented there since she arrived, and now it will be able to dramatically shift the physical environment of visitors to the slave quarters, kitchen, etc.

Department News for May 2017

Several Honors History majors successfully completed their Senior Honors Theses. Donald Lewis Roberts (advisor: Craig Roell), Juliana Hafner (advisor: Johnathan O’Neill), Cierra Tomaso (advisor: Brian Feltman), Caleb Still (advisor: Christina Abreu), Malik Raymond (advisor: Christina Abreu), and Nancy Balcziunas (advisor: Christina Abreu) also gave successful presentations at the Honors Research Symposium on April 21, 2017.


History graduate student Caitlin Woodie has been offered and accepted a full-time position with the National Park Service. She will be working as a Museum Technician for the Lake Superior Museum Collections Center located at Keweenaw National Historical Park in Calumet, MI.  She will work with accessioning, cataloging, environmental monitoring, and exhibit upkeep at the visitor centers for three different national parks (Isle Royale National Park, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and Keweenaw National Historical Park). Caitlin previously worked as the Pathways Intern with the National Park Service at Fort Pulaski National Monument.  This position will allowed her to be converted to a permanent employee upon her graduation from the MA and Public History program.  Her internship involved working within the Interpretations and Cultural Resource divisions at the National Park, conducting tours, creating interpretive programming, and working within museum collections.  (see attached photo)

Jeffrey D. Burson presented a paper, entitled, “Varieties of Enlightening on the Margins of Enlightenment Catholicism” at the annual meeting of the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, c. 1750-1850 held in Charleston, S.C. on Friday February 24, 2017.  On April 21, 2017, at the annual meeting of the Society for French Historical Studies held in Washington, D.C., he also presented a paper entitled, “Revising the Soul and Reclaiming the Natural Sentiment of Humanity from the Jesuits to the ‘Antiphilosophes’.”  In addition, he commented on a panel about recent research in Early Modern British History at the Georgia Association of Historians on Jekyll Island, February 18; and he recently organized, and presented upon, an interdisciplinary round table about the teaching of World History at the Southwestern Social Science Association in Austin, TX, on April 14. Finally, Dr. Burson currently serves as a member of the first annual Charles Crouch Memorial Paper Prize at the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era.


Kathleen M. Comerford co-edited From Rome to Zurich, Between Ignatius and Vermigli (Brill), released in March 2017, with Gary Jenkins (Eastern University) and Torrance Kirby (McGill University).  She participated in the Jesuit Studies Roundtable (Loyola University of Chicago, March 29, 2017) and gave the paper “Vernacular Texts in Northern Jesuit College Library Collections,” at the 2017 Renaissance Society of America meeting in Chicago, IL on April 1.


Paul A. Rodell, published “Reaching for the Vision: The ATWS/AGSS Story,” co-authored with William Head, Journal of Global South Studies, Vol. 33, No. 2 (Fall 2016) pp. 17-71.


Craig H.  Roell had several previously published pieces reprinted: “The Goliad Campaign of 1836”; “Amon Butler King”; “José Nicolás de la Portilla”; “Burr H. Duval”; “Battle of Refugio”; “Battle of Coleto”; “Goliad Massacre” appeared in  Goliad: A Handbook of Texas and Southwestern Historical Quarterly Companion, Independence Road to the Texas Revolution History Series, ebook. Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 2016.


Johnathan O’Neill published “William Howard Taft and the Constitutional Presidency in the Progressive Era,” in Bradley C.S. Watson, ed., Progressive Challenges to the American Constitution: A New Republic (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2017), 196-225.

History Dept. Movies in Time series continues March 8

This Wednesday, at 7 pm in Sanford Hall 1002 we will show Little Big Man.
This was a complex yet successful film about an oral historian getting far more than he bargained for.  Jack Crabb’s story engages what were cutting edge issues in 1970, Race, Native People Rights, Gender, Homosexuality, war, religion, and politics are all engaged. often with humor or satire.  In many ways it is just as cutting edge today.

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