Dr. Robert K. Batchelor

Batch-2016Professor of History and Director of Digital Humanities (2002).
B.A., Cornell, 1990; M.A., Ph.D., UCLA, 1992, 1999.

Teaching and Research Interests: Modern Britain, Early Modern East Asia and Pacific, Digital Humanities

Upper Division Courses:

  • HIST 3431 England Since 1603
  • HIST 3434 Modern European Thought
  • HIST 4337 Technology and the Historian
  • HIST 5339 Modern Britain
  • HUMN 3431 Introduction to Digital Humanities


Contact Information:

Department of History
Georgia Southern University
P. O. Box 8054
Statesboro, GA 30460-8054

Office: 1211 Forest Drive Bldg.
Tel.: 912- 478-5607
Fax: (912) 478- 0377

Selected Publications:

  • London: The Selden Map and the Making of a Global City, 1549-1687. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, January 2014.  Reviewed in The Economist, TLS, Journal of Historical Geography, American Historical Review, The Nation, Journal of British History.
  • “The Selden Map and the Archipelagos of East and Southeast Asia,” Education About Asia (Fall 2014), 33-38.
  • “The Selden Map Rediscovered: A Chinese Map of East Asian Shipping Routes, 1619,” Imago Mundi 65:1 (January 2013), 37-63. Imago Mundi Prize, Best Article 2013-2014.
  • “Thinking about the Gym: Greek Ideals, Newtonian Bodies, and Exercise in Early Eighteenth-Century England,” Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies (June 2012), 185-197.
  • “Maps, Calendars and Diagrams: Space and Time in Seventeenth-Century Maritime East Asia.” In Tonio Andrade and Xing Hang, eds. Sea Rovers, Silk, and Samurai: Maritime East Asia in World History, 1500-1750. 86-113. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2016.
  • “從《東西洋航海圖》觀察東亞群島/ Viewing the East Asian Archipelago through the Selden Map,” in 針路藍縷:明代海外貿易與牛津大學珍藏《東西洋航海圖》圖錄及論文集 / Mapping Ming China’s Maritime World – The Selden Map and Treasures from the University of Oxford. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Maritime Museum, 2015.
  • “A Taste for the Interstitial (間): Translating Space from Beijing to London,” in David Sabean and Malina Stefanovska eds., Spaces of the Self.  281-304. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012.
  • “Fujian Trader” with Sari Gilbert (Savannah: Thinking Past, 2016)

Professional Activities, Honors, and Awards:

  • Imago Mundi Nebenzhal Award, 2015
  • Georgia Humanities Council Project Grant, 2009, Waddie Welcome Archive

Current Research:

  • “Selden Map Atlas,” a digital humanities project about maritime East Asia and the Pacific in collaboration with CHIA [] at the University of Pittsburg.
  • Pacific Light, a book project on the early modern Pacific.
  • “Pacific Routes,” a project with the University of Pennsylvania Museum and History Department

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