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Georgia Southern MFAC Candidate’s Thesis Exhibition on Display at University Gallery

Masters of Fine Arts candidate Jessamy McManus’ thesis exhibition, “Neon Nature,” will be on view at the Center for Art & Theatre’s University Gallery Nov. 7-14. The public is invited to attend a free reception at 5 p.m., Friday, Nov. 10.

McManus paints her interpretation of contemporary nature according to the concept of hypernature, which describes manufactured nature as being better than the real thing. Inspired by her upbringing in suburbia where nature is found manicured and controlled, McManus investigates the divide between the “born” and the “made” through “Neon Nature,” a collection of portraits of her fictional creatures she calls “pseudo-specimens.”

“I call my fictitious subjects ‘pseudo-specimens’ because they are a hybrid of plant, animal, synthetic and human imagery, morphed together like the project of a mad scientist,” said McManus. “They are portraits that are not of people, and still-lifes that are not necessarily still.”

Assistant Professor of Art and Gallery Director, Jason Hoelscher, recommends all students and faculty, regardless of their interest in visual art, visit McManus’ exhibition.

“McManus has grown dramatically as a painter during her three years of graduate studies, from painting things like flowers and other nature scenes—quite well, I might add—to exploring more complex ideas like bio-hacking, genetic engineering, and the increasingly hazy distinctions between the natural and the artificial,” said Hoelscher. “I would urge all to come see her thesis exhibition to see a contemporary take on important issues in society and art, presented in thought-provoking and lushly painted form.”

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Last updated: 10/26/2017