Exit Exam

Read the following information carefully.
Updated for the Fall 2017 Catalog!

What is it?

The Exit Exam (EE) is part of the departmental Program Assessment. It helps us–and you–determine if and to what extent program objectives and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) have been achieved.

Who takes it?

  • The exam is a graduation requirement for Undergraduate majors (B.A. MDLG with a concentration in one or more of the following languages: Arabic/ARAB, Chinese/CHIN, French/FREN, German/GRMN, Japanese/JAPN, Latin/LATN, Spanish/SPAN) as well as Graduate students (M.A., M.A.T.) (“Comprehensive Exam”).
  • Graduate students must take and must pass the exam.
  • For Undergraduate students, a passing result is not required for graduation. If the student does not pass, he or she will still graduate. For Majors (B.A. MDLG): if the student passes, he or she will receive a certificate. (Here is how the result is determined for majors)

When and Where?

Date & Location for Fall 2017: Friday, October 6, 2017 at 2:30 pm. Location TBD.

NOTE: students that are taking the GACE on October 6, are welcome to take the Exit Exam on Friday, October 13 at 2:30 pm. Please provide proof of taking the GACE exam.

How is it done?

You will register by entering your information in this form. The exam components will be administered through Folio on the day of the exam.

Will there be an Orientation?

There will be a short orientation on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 5:00 pm in Forest Drive room 1227. The orientation serves to talk about and ask questions concerning the exam. It is best for students to read the information on this page prior to the orientation so that they already have an idea about the exam and can think of questions or points that need to be discussed in detail.

What does it look like?

  • To assess the Student Learning Outcomes/SLOs, the Exit Exam features four components (measures): Speaking Proficiency Assessment/SPA, Writing Proficiency Assessment/WPA, Reading Proficiency Assessment/RPA, Critical Thinking/Culture Assessment/PF=Portfolio.
  • Click on the applicable links in the table below to read about each component and what to expect, and to know how to prepare. No link = no component for this SLO. Most links are to PDFs (and open in new windows/tabs).
  • SLO details and measures may vary by degree. Likewise, SLO numbering differs, e.g. Critical Thinking is SLO 4 for the B.A., but SLO 3 for the M.A. and M.A.T.
  • * = Portfolio: Read (click on “SLO” in the table below for directions) and work on this asap! (Well before the exam, as soon as you start taking upper-division courses). You may wish to consult with your advisor(s) and/or language faculty mentor(s).
Exam Component (SLO) Undergraduate Graduate
Speaking SLO 1 SLO 1 SLO 1
Writing SLO 2 SLO 2 SLO 2
Reading SLO 3
(Rating *)


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