Dr. Michael McGrath visits Royal Academy of History and Art of Segovia, Spain

Dr. Michael McGrath was invited over the winter break to discuss his scholarship with the members and invited guests of the Royal Academy of History and Art of Segovia, Spain. The visit was chronicled in the Spanish newspaper, El Adelantado.comĀ ( Mike has been studying and writing about Segovia for over 20 years, and the city has rewarded his efforts by initiating him into their Royal Academy of History and Art. As a member of this elite community, Mike helps to sustain the centuries-old memories and traditions of one of the most storied cities in Spain.

1. Mike with Rafael Cantalejo, the Director of Segovia‘s Royal Academy of History and Art. The figure in the background is the historian Diego de Colmenares (1586-1651).
2. Mike seated next to Guillermo Herrero, author of the prologue to to Mike’s Teatro y fiesta en la ciudad de Segovia (siglos XVIII y XIX).



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