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Welcome! The Department of Foreign Languages at Georgia Southern University offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Spanish and other foreign languages.

Foreign language proficiency is stressed in every course offered by the Department. Classes are kept small to enable greater student participation and provide constant reinforcement of language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All classes, beginning with the first course, are taught in the foreign language, and, most importantly, the majority of classes – including beginner courses – are taught by professors to insure high quality instruction.

Faculty scholarship in the Department has a high profile, with many articles, books, and conference presentations every year. Publications have appeared in journals such as Hispania, The Afro-Hispanic Review, The French Literature Series, and Foreign Language Annals. Faculty are regular presenters at ACTFL, SCOLT, FLAG, and other professional meetings.

Mission Statement
Georgia Southern University is located in southeastern Georgia, a region of the state where accelerating economic development is opening global markets while labor becomes increasingly international in its character. The impact on the region is felt in the need to heighten global awareness and inter-cultural understanding and to build the language skills to function in this environment.

The mission of the Department of Foreign Languages is to address these pressing language and culture needs by offering curricula, services, and research that broaden cultural understanding, increase language proficiency, and enable people to function in the global and international settings of southeast Georgia and throughout the world. The programs of the Department serve all academic divisions of the University in providing the language and culture training necessary to support their international and inter-cultural endeavors.

Foreign Languages at Georgia Southern began in 1955. The following have been head or chair, respectively, since then:
Zoltan Farkas, Head, 1955-1971
Lowell Bouma, Head, 1971-1992
David Seaman, Chair, 1992-1998
Donnie Richards, Chair, 1998-2008
Eric Kartchner, Chair, 2008-present

Foreign Languages Faculty: June 1975

From left to right: Claude Britt, Jerry Weatherford, Zoltan Farkas, Monika Lynch, Nancy Barrett, Ed Cornbleat. Seated: Charles Forton, Kathleen Dahir.

Foreign Languages Faculty: March 1997

From left to right, standing: Cathie Johnson (German), Jeanette Hecker (French), Donnie Richards (Spanish), Nancy Shumaker (Spanish), Maryann Manchuelle (Secretary), Doralina Martínez-Conde (Spanish), Judy Schomber (Spanish), Jorge Suazo (Spanish), Denise McCaslin (Spanish), Horst Kurz (German), Galal Dimetry (Arabic), Helena Hernandez (Spanish), Clara Krug (French), Jerry Weatherford (German), David Alley (Spanish), Jean-Paul Carton (French). Front row/kneeling: David Seaman (Chair; French), Luis Carriedo (Spanish), Dai Osanai (Japanese).

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