Gallery & Theatre Behavior

General Behavior

Food and drink are not allowed in the Black Box Theatre or any of galleries. Food and drink are permitted in the Center for Art & Theatre’s atrium and sculpture garden.

Refrain from talking on your cell phone while in the galleries and during performances.

Black Box Theatre

Photography and video are not permitted during performances in the Black Box Theatre.

All cell phones must be silenced and patrons should refrain from texting.

If arriving late, guests should find a seat in the balcony that is accessible on the upper level.

No talking.


It is prohibited to touch any of the artwork in the galleries. Many are very fragile, and even the stroke of a gentle finger can leave a residue of damaging oil on a painting or sculpture.

For your protection and safety, no climbing is allowed on outdoor sculptures.

Still photography is permitted at the Center for Art & Theatre for private, noncommercial use, in the general atrium and only in galleries that are devoted to the Center for Art & Theatre’s permanent collections and student exhibitions. Photographs may not be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or used commercially in any manner. Visitors must obtain a photography permit in order to use a camera in the galleries from the Gallery Director.

Still photography of works of art in special exhibitions or on special loan to the museum is prohibited at all times unless otherwise noted in the galleries.

Leave backpacks and other large items at the door.

Keep children supervised, please no running, jumping, dancing or twirling.

Out of respect of other patrons and events, please keep voices to a whisper

Last updated: 7/21/2015

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