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BFSDoArt Students Apply Real-World Design to New Industrial Park

Four groups of Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art students put their skills and education to the test designing a brand for the Effingham County Industrial Park.

The students from Santanu Majumdar’s, M.F.A., Design System class put together several different brand designs and presented them to the Effingham County Board members at the FAB Lab in downtown Statesboro in April.

The students provided several different styles and brand aesthetics allowing for the board members to choose the perfect fit.

These designs included brand guides, stationery, and road signage to help the Effingham County Industrial Park stand out.

The board members selected the Savannah Portside International Park design from Micaela Nylund, Samantha Cleveland, Wendy Blackwell, Jessica Martin, and Eric Ward.

“Development and learning through real-world design and presentations need to be introduced at various stages in the four-year career to achieve a competitive learning outcome,” Majumdar said. “Presenting the final concept design and relevant branding systems to the Effingham County board in a conference room and getting feedback has its own challenge. This kind of experience is not possible in a classroom setting.” 

The Effingham County Industrial Park is 1,560 acres located at Old River Road and I-16. The site has already undergone extensive work to ready it for new business including a $1.3 million entrance road, water piping, grading, etc.


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