Stop & Create! The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art invites the community to experience art first hand! Stop & Create your very own one-of-a-kind t-shirt, painting, clay pot, fan, and more at each of the ArtStops — all for free!

2014 ArtStops

ArtStop Description Hosted by Ages
Paint Place*
With easels short enough for the smallest of arms to reach, ArtsFest very well may discover the next Picasso or Van Gogh! BFSDoArt
Fish Printing*
Japanese (魚拓), from gyo “fish” + taku “rubbing” is a traditional form of Japanese fish printing or rubbing, dating from the mid-19th century, a form of nature printing used by fishermen to record their catches. BFSDoArt
Paint-A-Pet* Thanks to the Humane Society of Statesboro & Bulloch County, we can paint pets and adopt them, too! Paint-A-Pet offers larger-than-life dog and cat sculptures that, together, festival attendees can paint while they look for furry friends to make part of their family. Humane Society of Statesboro & Bulloch County
Papermaking Pool* Ever wonder how the paper you draw on is made? Stop by the papermaking pool and make your very own paper! Don’t be afraid to get a little messy! BFSDoArt
Tie Dye T-Shirts* Buy a commemorative ArtsFest t-shirt at the Info Booth ($5) and head over to the Tie Dye Art Stop to learn about color theory and make it your very own! BFSDoArt
“Mono” in monoprint doesn’t mean one color — it means one print! Monoprinting is a form of printmaking containing images or lines that can only be made once unlike other printmaking methods that allow for multiple prints. Adventures in Art & Averitt Center for the Arts
Make-a-Button* Clip a cool picture from a magazine, draw your favorite picture or even your name –whatever you want to put in your 2-inch circle! Your design will become a wearable statement of your artistry! BFSDoArt
Henna Painting* An ancient custom of the Egyptian and Indian culture, Henna is used to create temporary drawings on the skin. BFSDoArt
Petting Zoo
Learn about various instruments! Stop by and learn how to play an instrument or even make your own! National Association for Music Educators
GS Student Organization
Clay Factory* Be ready to get your hands dirty! Make a beautiful pinch pot or other clay creations at the Clay Factory! Also, be sure to watch our Master of Fine Arts Candidates craft unique ceramics on the potter’s wheel! BFSDoArt 3+
Decorate-A-Bag* While making masterpieces all day at ArtsFest, you are going to need a bag to carry it in. But you can’t just have a plain brown bag, jazz it up! BFSDoArt 3+
Face Painting* From a simple eagle to a full tiger face, stop by and let our artists transform you with face paint! BFSDoArt 3+
Art in STEM How is art a part of science, technology, engineering, and math? Using computers, i2STEM create digital artwork, visually discover acoustics and pitch with homemade instruments and create fractal art using mathematics to create geometric designs! i2STEMe 5+
Building Bridges Be a part of the Community Liaisons’ efforts to connect Georgia Southern University with the Statesboro Community by building bridges. Community Liaisons
GS Student Organization
Bookmarks for Bookworms Create your own bookmark- including felt bookmarks, collage word bookmarks, monster bookmarks, and many others! Ferst Foundation 3+
Engineering and Art Candy is not just for eating anymore! Join the Society of Women Engineers as they construct bridges, parachutes, and DNA models out of candy. Society of Women Engineers
GS Student Organization
POW Art How do you think Prisoners of War passed time? By repurposing material to create art, of course! Join the Georgia Southern Museum and Center for Sustainability to turn junk into treasure as you create your own masterpiece!  Afterwards, stop into the Museum to see actual POW art in their current exhibition, Victory From Within: The American Prisoner of War Experience. Georgia Southern Museum & Georgia Southern Center for Sustainability 5+
Paper Flowers Your one stop paper flower shop. With just a handful of items, creative imaginations, and a minute of time your easy to care for garden of paper blooms will begin to flourish! Colonial House of Flowers 5+
Interior Design Children of all ages will be guided through fun activities that teach the foundation of interior design. Interior Design Association
GS Student Organization
Wonders of Watercolor Watercolor is a traditional and beautiful form of painting. Learn the wonders of watercolor as you compose unique paintings. Statesboro Regional Art Association 4+
Buzzing into Spring!  Spring is in the air this ArtsFest! To celebrate, come make buzzing bumble bees. Child and Family Development Club
GS Student Organization
1 – 5
Dance Crew Guru Ever want to dance, but you don’t know the right moves? Never fear, Euphoria Dance Crew is here! Learn the best dance moves for a variety of Latin style dances with the help from this expert crew. Euphoria Dance Crew 5+
Medieval Arts Come hither, my lad and lasses to join the medieval fun of decorating thy own shield. Where we wilt also have dancing and jubilation for all of ArtsFest to enjoy. Southern Creative Anachronists
GS Student Organization
Fractal Art Fractal art is a digital art that uses complex math formulas to create patterns that repeat within themselves. Visitors will be using computers to artistically create these beautiful, colorful, patterned images. Fractal Artist Nancy Franklin 7+
Ready, Set- Draw!  We all love Caricatures- large noses, goofy ears, tiny eyes. Now you can learn to draw them yourself! By the end of this step-by-step drawing Artstop you will know the secrets to drawing these funny faces. Student Art League
GS Student Organization
Painting with Potatoes Now’s the time to play with your food! Fun 4-leaf clover shapes are cut from potatoes and used to create paintings. Bulloch County 4-H 2+
Brilliant Beans Beans are eaten in countries around the world. They come in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes! A variety of beans will be used to craft artworks on colorful paper. International Club
GS Student Organization
Color Wheels These aren’t your everyday color wheels! Combine the scientific principles of physics with the visual science of color mixing and you’ll get color wheels that aren’t just visually spectacular, they are scientifically sound! BFSDoArt 4+
Creative Biology This might be our biggest stop yet! Join these biology students with one of their seven ArtStops: Leaf Rubbings, Diatom Art, Bird Deflectors, Origami Insects, Eating Urchins, and Petroglyphs. Biology Service Learning Course 4+
Garden Friends Join the Garden of the Coastal Plain while they discover bugs, flowers, vegetables and fruits that you may find in your garden! Garden of the Coastal Plain 4+

*A Community Favorite!

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