Artist Market

Each year, artists from all over the region join ArtsFest to sell their artwork. New to ArtsFest 2013, the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art students has a special section devoted to just student artwork! This sale will provide professional experience for students in selling their works, and provide festival goers the opportunity to purchase their unique art! See a complete listing of this year’s Artists Market venues below!

The 2013 ArtsFest Artists Market

Artist Description
Fractal Art An abstract form of digital art, Fractal Art is an algorithmic art created by calculating fractal equations and representing the calculation results as still images, animations and media. The distinct feature is patterns that “iterate”, or repeat within themselves, similar to a fern branch. Fractal art is bright, colorful and eye-catching. Look for our ArtStop!
Georgia Southern’s Student Art League An array of artist trading cards. Also, stop by to learn more about the Student Art League, and how you can join! Look for our ArtStop! 
Beyond Poverty Raising awareness for Beyond Poverty by handing out flyers and selling merchandise which includes t-shirt, water bottles, carvings, bracelets and canvas art made in Haiti.
The Broom Brothers Daniel Donaldson and his family create 100% handmade Appalachian and and Shaker-Style Broomers. The Broom Brothers will also demonstrate the art of broom-making.
The Statesboro Regional Art Association (SRAA) Join members of the SRAA as they demonstrate their artistry onsite! You can purchase items made by the association that are on display, as well as paint with them! Look for our ArtStop! 
Medieval Arts Watch as the medieval arts student organization presents entertainment, and then have the opportunity to purchase your own chain-mail accessories. Look for our ArtStop!
MekithoArt Reused and recycled items are artistically combined, by Maggie Horne Thomas, to create “upcycled” art and jewelry. Everything is created using discarded, broken, and unwanted items to make new and exciting works of art!
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