Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Boaen Jameson

Michelle Jameson

Michelle (Boaen) Jameson

  1. First & Last Name: Michelle Boaen Jameson
  2. Degree: BFA, 2D Studio Art
  3. Graduation Year: 2003
  4. Personal
  5. Where are you currently working? The Times of Gainesville, Ga; Morris Multimedia
  6. What types of jobs & where have you held in the past? Oh, I have had a job of one kind or another since I was 15. I’ve done everything from tossing pizza to logistics for a large retail corporation. But my “break” came the summer I graduated Georgia Southern when I landed the job at Statesboro Herald as the daily paper’s sole photographer. Since then, I have had the opportunity to ride in presidential motorcades, meet the Rev. Jesse Jackson and several celebrities among other things. I worked my way up the editorial ladder to become the editor of HOME Magazine, a lifestyles publication produced by Franklin Publishing and Morris Multimedia.
  7. What is your favorite type of work? Most definitely my passion is photojournalism. It takes both the keen eye of an artist to frame and compose a shot and a nose for news, but it happens once and never again. You either get the moment, or it’s lost forever. It’s the anticipation of that moment that really excites.
  8. Michelle Boaen Jameson; Home Living in North Georgia & Destination Lanier Magazines

    Michelle Boaen Jameson; Home Living in North Georgia & Destination Lanier Magazines

    Recent Successes? Current Projects? I have several awards from both the Associated Press and the Georgia Press Association. I just published a new magazine, Destination Lanier, where I am the editor, photographer, and designer! The latest edition of HOME features the fabulous art collection at Brenau University here in Gainesville.

  9. Where &/or how are you inspired? Well, I could easily say music, nature and coffee, but to be honest, inspiration comes at our darkest or most unexpected hour, when we are struggling to make sense of life. I do however, find inspiration from the study of the human mind and its endless ability to transform and rewire itself.
  10. Most memorable moment/experience with the BFSDoArt?  By far my most enjoyable moments came from long hours in the studio with fellow artists, feeding off one another’s sleep-deprived delirium. I also really miss the time spent in Gallery 303 with the other students hanging shows and prepping for receptions. You learn a lot handling other artists work. One trip that stands out was when I was asked to return the work of a visiting artist. He had 20-30 large cane poles as part of his instillation and my job was to safely transport them back to his studio in Washington, D.C. It was my first and only trip to our nation’s capital. Another interesting event happened my senior year when another student and I were asked to show our work at the state capital for an annual meet and greet with the Georgia legislature. My work was a study in figure drawing/mixed media and was a four canvas piece. Before the night even began, someone asked that I remove two of the canvasses. I refused to compromise the work, so I was forced to move the piece to a corner, which only made everyone more interested to see!
  11. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you graduated, what would it be? That the economy was going to tank! And that it takes time to get started in your field, and you may end up doing something outside of your major that leads to other opportunities.
  12. Where would you like to see yourself, career-wise, in 10 years? I would like to be in a position where I can return to studio work full time.
  13. Favorite color. You know that goldish refrigerator from the ’70s? That color.
  14. Involvement with any professional organizations. Associated Press (AP), Georgia Press Association (GPA), SPPJ
  15. Anything else you’d like to tell us, your peers and/or future students? Success isn’t about degrees, it’s about rolling up your sleeves. Oh yeah, and unplug!



Alumni Spotlight: Steven Dendy

Steven Dendy; Graphic Communications Management Alumni; Huhtamaki

Steven Dendy,
Graphic Communications Management Alumni

  1. First & Last Name:  Steven Dendy
  2. Degree & Graduation Year: 1994 B.S. in Printing Management (now referred to as Graphic Communications Management)
  3. Where are you currently working?  Huhtamaki, currently in De Soto, KS
  4. What types of jobs (& where) have you held in the past?  I worked for a couple of years in the Eagle Print Shop on campus running the printing presses and copy machines.  Upon graduation I went to work for Rock-Tenn Company I held numerous jobs from Quality Coordinator, Traffic Manager, Assistant Plant Manager and Plant Manager.  In 2001 I became the Plant Manager for Paris Packaging in Andalusia, AL held this positions through a couple of acquisitions, the last one being with Huhtamaki.  Most recently I have been promoted to Director of Operations – Folding Carton for Huhtamaki where my responsibility will be overseeing four folding carton plants (Andalusia, AL , Paris, TX, Hopkinsville, KY and Franklin, OH)
  5. What is your favorite part about your job? Working with people.
  6. Recent Successes? Promotion from Plant Manager to Director of Operations Folding Carton
  7. Current Projects? Optimization of Folding Carton Production through four plants for optimal production and customer service.
  8. Where &/or how are you inspired?  I was raised around printing and folding cartons.  I loved going to the folding carton plants with my dad.  I worked out in the plants while going to college in the summer and love working with the people on the machines.  I am inspired by the production people in my plants from the lowest paid worker to the plant managers.  These people are the reason I go to work every day.  I love seeing what you can do with ink and paper.  The challenge of a new account and delivering the product to the customer,  meeting or exceeding their expectations that is what keeps me going.
  9. Most memorable moment/experience studying your degree at Georgia Southern?  Taking the introduction to Printing Management and the conformation that I had chosen the right major for my degree and career.  Any day in the computer lab with Dr. Jim Holmes!
  10. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you graduated what would it be? That Snooky’s would close!  I would have eaten there more often!
  11. Where would you like to see yourself, career-wise, in 10 years? I just achieved what would have been my 10 year goal.  Now I would like to see our organization as the number one food service packaging provider in the US.
  12. Favorite program/machine to use, and what it is used for?  Any wide web Flexographic printing press or Lithographic printing press.  Nothing is better than the smell of blanket wash in the morning!
  13. Anything else you’d like to tell us, your peers and/or future students?  Realize that Georgia Southern University gives you the knowledge for your career.   It is your hard work and determination that leads to success in your career. 
  14. Favorite color? Blue


Alumni Spotlight: Eric Strauss

  1. Eric Strauss
    3D Studio Art Alumni

    First & Last Name:  Eric Strauss
  2. Degree: BFA, 3D Studio Art
  3. Graduation Year: 1985
  4. Personal Website:
  5. Where are you currently working? I own my own studio in Elijay, Georgia.
  6. What types of jobs & where have you held in the past? After he receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree focusing in bronze casting and ceramics, I studied in Italy and apprenticed for two years with Caroline Montague, a Georgia artist known for her monumental stainless steel and wall sculptures.
  7. Recent Successes? Current Projects? I have exhibited in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, California, Arizona, New Mexico and several other states. Today, my pieces can be found in museums, companies, schools and the collections of private collectors such as legendary musician Elton John and a founder of Home Depot.
  8. Where &/or how are you inspired? Living at the foot of the Smoky Mountains inspires my creativity My work is organic and I am constantly surrounded by nature. I live in it, I live with it and my kids grow up in it… I just love it. I look at everything through an artist’s eye. If not for University teachers like Professor Emeritus Pat Steadman I would not have made it as a full-time sculpture. The professors were great and really molded me to what I am today. I didn’t know it then. It took me years to discover it, and come back and say ‘wow’ I now know what they were talking about then.
  9. Truffels (Lowly Shadows); 10' x 7' x 2.5'; Stainless Steel; 2007

    Truffels (Lowly Shadows)
    10′ x 7′ x 2.5′; Stainless Steel, 2007
    An installation at Georgia Museum of Art

    Most memorable moment/experience with the BFSDoArt? During a photography class I was taking as an elective, I opened the sculpture door that was always kept shut to keep the dust down. I saw this wonderful chaotic feast of materials and tools. What I saw spoke to me; it called me. It was then I changed my major from business to art.

  10. Involvement with any professional organizations. I’ve estimated that my art has helped raise at least $400,000 in almost 30 years. I do a lot of charity work because it is the only way I can give back.

View Strauss’ Feature Story in Georgia Southern Magazine →


Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Langley


Lauren Langley
2D Studio Art Alumni

    1. First & Last Name:  Lauren Langley
    2. Degree: BFA, 2D Studio Art
    3. Graduation Year: 2002
    4. Personal Website:
    5. Where are you currently working? Turner Broadcasting System in Atlanta, GA
    6. What types of jobs & where have you held in the past? Prior to working as an Expert Interaction Designer at Turner, I have worked in fine arts administration at a public art center and gallery in Atlanta, freelanced as a graphic designer and web designer, and have experience as a graphic designer at a small agency in south Florida.
    7. What is your favorite type of work? Contributing both visual design and front-end programming on emerging technology projects, and designing interactions that enhance a person’s experience using an application.
    8. Recent Successes? Current Projects? In my first year at Turner, I have worked on several public facing interactive media projects at events such as the State of the Union and Presidential Inauguration coverage on-air and at the National Mall for CNN, InstaBracket for during the Final Four, 80” touch screen application at Ryder Cup for PGA, and a scavenger hunt mobile application for Cartoon Network during Comic-Con.

      A screenshot of CNN’s “Tweet of the Union”
      A collaborative iPad app Langley was part of.

      I also graduated in May 2012 from Georgia Tech with a Master of Science degree in Digital Media, and won the Most Outstanding Master’s Project Award for my degree program. (View Lauren’s thesis project: The Water Quality Interactive Data Visualization Tool)

    9. Where &/or how are you inspired? I am inspired when I chat with people about the exciting things they are making, when looking through art and design books old and new, thumbing through old technical manuals, and being surrounded by nature.
    10. Most memorable moment/experience with the BFSDoArt? Going through the entire process of my senior project, from working alone in a studio to presenting artwork to the public in a gallery exhibit.
    11. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you graduated, what would it be? Working as a commercial artist, one must emotionally distance themselves from their artwork. Oh, and networking is not as scary as I once thought!
    12. Where would you like to see yourself, career-wise, in 10 years? I would love to have the opportunity to work as a Creative Director for emerging technology projects.
    13. Favorite color. Green
    14. Involvement with any professional organizations. IxDA Atlanta, AIGA
    15. Continuing education, grad school, etc.  Master of Science – Digital Media, Georgia Institute of Technology, May 2012


Alumni Spotlight: Alessandra Dzuba

  1. Alessandra Dzuba

    Alessandra Dzuba
    2D Studio Art Alumni

    First & Last Name: Alessandra Dzuba

  2. Degree: BFA, 2D Studio Arts

  3. Graduation Year: 2012
  4. Personal Website:

  5. Where are you currently working? In addition to my gallery shows, I am currently a Studio and Productions Assistant for Porter Teleo, an Assistant and In-Studio Artist for Oracle – Fine Curiosities, and a Gallery Assistant at Mod Gallery.

  6. What types of jobs (& where) have you held in the past? During my undergrad, in addition to being a full-time student-athlete, I looked for opportunities and held many different jobs. During the summers I taught tennis while being a studio assistant to Professor Carol Ann Carter at the University of Kansas. After transferring to Georgia Southern University, I volunteered for many events, entered gallery shows and art fairs. After graduation I took an internship with artist Ricky Allman at the University of Missouri – Kansas City that led to other opportunities. From there, I began as lead cataloguer for the Jim Leedy Project (with fellow artist Christel Highland), interned for Porter Teleo (a hand-painted wallpaper and fabrics company) and made connections to galleries which I now work very closely with including Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Todd Weiner Gallery, and Mod Gallery. I have been extremely fortunate. During my last show of new 3D works at Todd Weiner Gallery, I was approached by Oracle (a new curiosities and fine arts shop in town), and I am now also serving as their in-studio artist, assistant, and continuing collection.

  7. Where &/or how are you inspired? I am inspired by my heritage and the deeper science of psychology but especially inspired by animals and our connection to nature.

  8. Alessandra Dzuba, 2D Studio Alumni

    (Top) “Figure 1.1 Papillon” Paper, wood, graphite, canary wings; 1 of 25 installation
    (Bottom) “Spine” paper clay, wood, graphite, acrylic paint; sculpture

    What are you currently working on in the studio? My current art is a continuation of my work as an undergrad, exploring the connection between humans and animals. It primarily focuses on how as humans we try to repress our animalistic nature in order to elevate ourselves to a position above the other “animals.” This act of arrogance allows us to have a certain disregard for both nature and animals, in spite of the fact that we are so closely related. Within this concept, I have been investigating our similarities in structure and instincts by pulling back the curtain on how we as humans we repress our animalistic nature. Through experimenting with installation and sculpture I morph human and animal together into a new being and ask the question, “does our subconscious still hold our natural selves as the animals that we are?”

    In undergrad I created drawings and prints of the animal familiars we have. I have now taken it a step further by expanding into three-dimensional forms by mixing animals with other animals or human parts to create both completely new figures and figures slightly similar to something we can readily identify with.

  9. What is your favorite type of work? Although there is nothing like working in your own studio and producing your own work, I absolutely love working in Porter Teleo’s studios and Oracle’s shop. It has become therapeutic mixing the inks and painting the patterns with a fantastic team of artists. While at Oracle, I have the freedom to experiment with my new series and work among my own hobbies. It is a break from the concentration on your own work and deadlines. Not to mention that I am surrounded by amazing and supporting people. I also love First Friday in Kansas City, which is a huge opening for nearly every gallery in town that feature new art and includes the monthly art-crawl.

  10. Recent Successes? Current Projects? I have been very lucky in having many opportunities this year, but I am especially thankful for being able actively exhibit my artwork. My recent exhibitions in Kansas City, Missouri include Local Artists Exhibition by Art Stork at Nica’s Cafe, Holiday Artist Show and Dia de Los Muertos at Mod Gallery,Champions of the Forgotten – a traveling show from Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, The Human-Animal (solo) at Mod Gallery and The Living and Containment (solo) at Bespoke Salon Gallery. I am currently showing Activating Ancient at Todd Weiner Gallery and an upcoming solo show at Leedy-Voulkos Art Center. My work was also featured in After Dark II at the Greg Moon Gallery in Taos, New Mexico.

  11. Most memorable moment/experience with the BFSDoArt? I miss critiques and working alongside amazing professors and students, especially in the print studio.

  12. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you graduated, what would it be? There is no such thing as getting involved too much, and there are plenty of other students that are already doing gallery shows or anything else you deem impossible until after graduation.

  13. Favorite color. Turquoise

  14. Involvement with any professional organizations? Artist Inc., Kansas City

  15. Anything you’d like to tell us, your peers and future students? Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. If you work hard, you can accomplish anything. “To define, is to limit” -Oscar Wilde

Alumni Spotlight: Rob Chandler

Rob Chandler, Graphic Design Alumni

Rob Chandler
Graphic Design Alumni

  1. First & Last Name: Rob Chandler
  2. Degree: BFA, Graphic Design
  3. Graduation Year: 2010
  4. Personal Website:
  5. Where are you currently working? I’m currently freelancing for Letr&Co in Savannah, and several national non-profit organizations based out of Washington, D.C., New York, and Atlanta on a regular basis. Other freelance work is irregular and finds me for various reasons. I began actively seeking work any way I could, mostly across the internet, but eventually I didn’t have to, and all of my work finds me now. 90% of my most beneficial projects/clients has come from networking. Before I secured a steady flow of projects, I worked with clients in Australia, China, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and London.
  6. What types of jobs (& where) have you held in the past? I was a carpenter in Thomaston, GA for 2 years, I managed a ministorage complex in Barnesville for several years, I interned at Tytan Ad Agency on Tybee Island, I was an apprentice at a neon sign shop in Savannah, and later began making my own neon signs out of my garage
  7. What is your favorite type of work? Although the great majority of my work is commercial, my favorite is fine art. I love painting and mixed media. Aside from a neon sign shop in my garage, I also have a small ceramics studio, and a letterpress printing shop. My favorite type of commercial work is logo design / brand identity.
  8. Rob Chandler, Fox & Hound

    Recently featured in CMYK Magazine,
    Chandler’s Fox & Hound

    Recent Successes? Current Projects? I was recently featured in the quarterly CMYK Magazine Professional Showcase for a logo and brand identity I designed. Last month I was awarded five ADDY awards from the American Advertising Federation (in collaboration with Letr&Co). When I have free time, my current project is growing a custom letterpress printing side-business called Savannah Press (website under construction). I also have a graphic design business that I work under sometimes called Eastern Design Bureau.

  9. Where &/or how are you inspired? Inspiration for my personal work comes from finding natural beauty in forms all around me. One of my hobbies is collecting found objects like bones and insects, and then painting them in a way that I think accentuates their inherent splendor. Inspiration for commercial work is a bit different, and often comes from my interpretation of an attitude or experience.
  10. Most memorable moment/experience with the BFSDoArt? Countdown to Portfolio Reveal
  11. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you graduated, what would it be? People will take advantage of you faster than you can say the word “Contract”
  12. Where would you like to see yourself, career-wise, in 10 years? In 10 years, I will be the owner of an 8-person marketing firm somewhere pretty.
  13. Favorite color? PMS 7548-U (that’s a goldenrod-ish color on uncoated paper, for those of you who don’t know)


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