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Make the most of your studies in the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art (BFSDoArt)! Stick around during the summers to find exciting, one-of-a-kind courses or take the opportunity to study internationally with various art opportunities in countries from India to Ireland! The Department will also help you locate an internship that can give you valuable career experience to get your foot into the door for that dream job you have always wanted.

Special Summer = Special Topics

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Why are summers in the BFSDoArt so special? Summer semesters are the only time courses such as Figure Painting, Arts Education, Works off Paper, and Artist Residencies are offered! Keep an eye out for the unique summer courses the Department offers each year.

Summer 2014 Courses

Summer Drawing 1

DRAWING I: ART 1010; CRN 54878
An introduction to the basic materials and methods of drawing. Students will develop skills in direct observations, composition, and techniques using still-life and natural forms.



Summer_3D3D DESIGN: ART 1030; CRN 54880
Uses lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and hands on experiences to introduce students to a variety of basic materials, techniques, and general concepts related to design within the contexts of 3-D form and space.


Summer_JewelryJEWELRY & METALSMITHING: ART 1236; CRN 51434
An introduction to the tools, materials and techniques of jewelry/metal design. Students will explore fabrication, surface embellishment, stone-setting and finishing techniques while demonstrating creativity and understanding of the media.


You will expand concepts of drawing, challenging the notion of what a “drawing” is and could be while dispelling the commonly held belief that paper must be the primary support material for drawing. You will consider non-traditional materials, three-dimensional drawing, and/or time-based (4-D) drawing. While traditional drawing methods will not be discounted, this studio experience welcomes innovative, unique and interdisciplinary approaches.

DESKTOP PUBLISHING + LAB: GCM 1321, 1411; CRN 54876, 54877
This is a general course presenting the development, growth and influence of desktop publishing in today’s society. The course presents the various hardware and software used in desktop publishing, as well as technologies that have evolved from desktop publishing. Students are introduced to typography and typographic principles, digital photography, scanning, image resolution, photo editing, imposition and their correct use in the creation of both everyday and formal communications. Students learn what makes an aesthetically pleasing document in both formal and informal settings.

This course surveys European and American art, artists and issues/movements in the 20th century. The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of not only stylistic principles of the century, but also those human values and cultural events which served as inspiration. Lectures, readings, discussions, and assignments focus on the intentions, creative biographies, and historical circumstances of 20th century artists. The format for this course is lecture with discussion.

Study Abroad

Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art, Georgia Southern University, BFA, BA, Visual Art, Fine Art, MFA, Art School, Bachelors of Fine Art, Bachelors of Art, Masters of Fine Art, Study Abroad


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Gain insight to your culture by learning about other cultures around the world! Expand your worldview. Learn a new language. Enhance the value of your degree. Develop life skills. Network and make new friends from all over the globe. The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art is delighted to offer a variety of locations for studying outside the normal studio setting each summer. Check out what exciting opportunities the Department has coming up this summer below!

BFSDoArt Summer Abroad Options: 2013

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art is excited to offer a variety of locations (five, to be exact!) for studying outside the normal studio setting.  Don’t wait to sign up for these spectacular opportunities, space is limited!

Montpulciano, Italy
Dates:  May 16 – June 23 (Session I)
Course: Art in Life and Art of Italy (ART 1000 and ARTH 4435)
Approximate Cost:* $5400 (includes airfare, accommodations in apartments, five meals a week, and your excursions for class as well as emergency health insurance)
Why you need to go: Montepulciano is a scenic Tuscan hill town that is near Florence and Siena. During your course excursions, you will visit Rome, Florence, Pisa, Siena, and Assisi.  You’ll get to see firsthand the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s, Michelangelo’s David, the Leaning Tower of Pisa (amongst many other things.  During your free time (you have Friday-Sunday off), you can travel on your own to places like Venice and Pompeii.
BFSDoArt Faculty Advisor: Julia Fischer,
YouTube Video:
Application Deadline: February 1, 2013
Colonial America
Colonial America

Dates:  June 17 – June 24 (travel)
Course: History of Print Travel (GCM 5090)
Approximate Cost:* $1,800 – $2,200 (Includes transportation, hotel, dinner, admissions/trips to Freedom Trail Walk into History Tour, Printing Offices of Edes & Gill, “Old Ironsides”, Bunker Hill Monument,  Boston Tea Party Boat, Red Sox Game, Museum of Printing, American Antiquarian Society, First Printer Restaurant – home to the first printer in British America, walking tour of Cambridge, New York Public Library, South Street Seaport, Bowne & Co Stationers, Improv show at Upright Citizens Brigade, Franklin’s Print Shop, Independence Hall, Walking tour of Historic District of Philadelphia, Bureau of Engraving & Printing, Smithsonian Museum of Choice, Walking tour of DC’s Monuments & Memorials, Dinner Cruise on the Potomac River, Colonial Williamsburg)
Why you need to go: Printing grew rapidly in the Colonies and was instrumental in the shaping of America, government, and society. It was the only other form of communication. The print shop was a hub of intellect and gossip. It created wealthy businessmen, some who were thorns in the side of British rule, family legacies, one notable person who became an inventor and statesmen, and most were just hard working individuals. Related majors include: graphic communications management, graphic design, 2D Design, and history.
BFSDoArt Faculty Advisor: Don Armel,
Application Deadline:  TBA

Waterford, Ireland

Dates: June 20 – July 25, 2013 (5 weeks)
Course: Drawing I  &  Art in Life (ART4590s & ART1000s)
Approximate Cost:* $4,800: Includes: Round-trip airfare from Atlanta to Ireland, transportation to and from the airport to the campus, lodging at the Waterford Institute of Technology, six meals per week, a primary health insurance policy providing coverage for medical expenses, all field trip transportation.
Why you need to go: Waterford is Ireland’s oldest city! Experience premier visitor sites throughout the spectacular “Sunny Southeast” of the Emerald Isle! Enjoy a hotel-based weekend in the breathtakingly beautiful Atlantic county of Kerry! By such means as two program trips to Dublin, examine and come to love the cultural and artistic treasures that have made historic Ireland a must-see destination for generations!
YouTube Video:
BFSDoArt Faculty Advisor: Jessica Burke,
Application Deadline: March 1, 2013 (But don’t wait, class space is limited and seats are filling up fast!)

Attend a “Choose Ireland” information session this Friday, November 2 in the Forest Drive Building, Room 1311 at 11:30 a.m. or 1 p.m. to find out more! Professor Walter O’Leary of the Irish host institution, Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), will be the guest speaker presenting information on the summer study-in-Ireland program, which coincides with Term B at Georgia Southern. The event provides information about courses, scholarships, in-country travel, and much, much more! The ambition is to give you a real sense of Irish energy and hospitality. O’Leary has years of experience working with American students, and once you meet him you’ll understand why he’s one of WIT’s most respected and popular professors!

Sheffield, England
Dates:  July 1 – 15, 2013
Course:  Animation 1 (ART 4590 or ART 7590)
Approximate Cost:* $2600 (Cost includes program cost [housing, insurance, transportation to/from airport, and entrance to Tate Liverpool, Open Eye Gallery, the Nation Media Museum, and Yorkshire Sculpture Park], airfare and meals)
Why you need to go:  Studio course in Flash Animation for introductory and advanced students. We’ll take group excursions to Liverpool and Bradford where we’ll visit 4 museums: Tate Liverpool, Open Eye Gallery, the Nation Media Museum, and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Tutorials will be given in spring semester when we will meet as a group 3 times before arriving in Sheffield. Animation projects explore character development, storytelling, and lighting with introductions to software, concepts in 2D animation, sound, and web streaming video. At the end of the course there will be a collaborative exhibition showing your animations in an art space in Sheffield (a great opportunity for Georgia Southern students to show in an international exhibition). The exhibition opening will conclude the course. Sheffield Hallam University’s Institute of Arts is one of the leading centers of production-based media education in the UK.
BFSDoArt Faculty Advisor:  Derek Larson,
Sheffield Hallam Program
Application Deadline:  TBA
India, UAK, or United Kingdom

Dates: End of May to end of July, 2 Months (Exact dates to be determined.)
Course: Graphic Design Internship (ART 3731S)
Approximate Cost:* Paid Internship (student must cover airfare)
Why you need to go:  This particular course enables students to work with a professional team of designers, learn how to handle real life projects, explore cultural diversification and see the world. Most students are not well traveled and have limited exposure to the design world except through the World Wide Web. Design and its processes are not different in other parts of the world. What make the design different are the local culture, the environment, and its application.
Important Dates: 
11/30/12 – Portfolio review + feedback for internship
2/1/13 – Send portfolio to host offices
3/8/13 – Mandatory orientation
*Please note time and venue will be emailed to interested students.
BFSDoArt Faculty Advisor: Santanu Majumdar,
Application Deadline:  TBA

Montepulciano, Italy with Julia Fischer (Art in Life & Art of Italy)

Colonial America with Don Armel (History of Print)

Waterford, Ireland with Jessica Burke (Drawing I & Art in Life)

Sheffield, England with Derek Larson (Animation with Exhibition opportunities)

India, UAE and United Kingdom with Santanu Majumdar (Graphic Design Internship)


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btn_profdev_yllwWhile they are required for a GCM degree, all students in the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art (BFSDoArt) are encouraged to pursue internships. As our alumni can atest, interning provides valuable experience to achieving a successful career. Ask yourself, what will make your resume stand out amongst the crowd?

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btn_advising_dgrnBS Graphic Communications Management
GCM 3735 (Graphic Communications Internship I; REQUIRED)
GCM 4736 (Graphic Communications Internship II)*
BFA Graphic Design
ART 3731 (Graphic Design Internship)* pre-req ART 3331
Exploratory Studio Course*
BA Art History/Studio Art
Exploratory Studio Course** Optional course used as an Exploratory Studio
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