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The Master of Fine Arts Degree (MFA) is recognized as the terminal (highest) degree for studio art and design professions. The MFA prepares students for professional careers as practicing artists and designers, for positions as studio art professors in higher education, or for work in other Arts-related fields requiring advanced study in the studio arts. Students pursuing a career as a professor in higher education can also choose to take the University’s unique pedagogy course, which offers valuable insight and experience in the classroom. Georgia Southern’s MFA degree program guides the graduate student toward competence in specific art media while addressing that in contemporary art the boundaries of various disciplines often consciously cross when relevant to student conceptual and production goals.

The MFA degree program at Georgia Southern offers concentrations in two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, and graphic design. Each degree consists of graduate level courses in studio, art history, and theoretical disciplines. The full-time, residential program requires a maximum of three years for completion. The program culminates with an MFA thesis exhibition, demonstrating professional level competency, accompanied by a written support thesis reviewed by a graduate thesis committee. Formal faculty reviews of student work are conducted throughout the semester to guide students forward in completing their degree requirements.

Apply Now!MFA candidates are offered their own private studio space to create and develop their artwork. The BFSDoArt also offers many graduate assistantships and graduate teaching positions to help cover tuition, fee, and supply costs. These assistantships also provide valuable work experience that provide the Department’s graduates with a valuable edge in their career goals.



Eric Clarke, 3D
Anthony Faris, 3D
Scott Foxx, 2D
Max Rebel, 2D
Janet Suarez, 2D

Master of Fine Arts Candidates

Brooke Fremeau, Graphic Design
Claudia Furlow, 2D
Michael Lesh, 3D
Hans Mortensen, Graphic Design
Stephanie Arends Neal, Graphic Design
Ruth Patel, 2D
Brandon Strode, 3D
Lindsey Sullivan, Graphic Design
Lindsay Tyson, Graphic Design
Jason Walker, Graphic Design


























Olu Amoda, Sculpture
Suzanne Ballentine, Mixed Media
Elizabeth Barksdale, Sculpture
Colleen Beyer, Painting
Linda Bobinger, Ceramics
Kristina B. Hall, Painting
Colette Briere, Painting
Jennifer Brooks, Sculpture
Charles Burch, Sculpture
William Burkhalter, Printmaking
David Carroll, Painting/Drawing
Eric Clarke, 3D
Gayle Shaw Clark, Ceramics
Jolanta Davis, Painting
Herman Dawson, Graphic Design
Mariana Depetris, Printmaking
Kenneth Dent, Painting
Barney Durrence, Ceramics
Dorothy Eckmann, Sculpture
Anthony Faris, 3D
Kate Felzien, Painting
Roger Finch, Sculpture
Amy Fix, Painting
Scott Foxx, 2D
Jenn Galusha, Ceramics
Susan Gibbs, Ceramics
Merritt Giles, 2D
Susan Harmon, Painting/Drawing
Patrick Hickey, Printmaking
Angela Horne, Graphic Design
Kim Keats, Sculpture
Kristin Kyzer, Painting
Jacqueline LaDrig, Ceramics
Charles Lawson, Painting
Yousha Liu, Painting
Anthony Mann, Sculpture
Jason McCoy, Sculpture
Garry McKee, Sculpture
Jennifer McGlaughlin, Graphic Design
B. D. Miller, Sculpture
Emy Mixon, Photography
Dixie Moore, Drawing
Michael Morrison, Sculpture
Christopher Murphy, Painting
Nicholas Nelson, Mixed Media
Mary Osako, Painting
Duke Oursler, Sculpture
Michelle Parker, Small Metals
Alla Parsons, Painting
Alicia Perez, 2D
Desmal Purcell, Photography
Michael Quagliano, Painting
Patricia Quilichini, Photography
Robert Randolph, Ceramics
Max Rebel, 2D
Sarah Rene, Ceramics
Janann Reynolds, Sculpture
Kimberly Riner, 3D
Cynthia Rodday, Printmaking
Wendy Romero, Sculpture
Virginia Russell, 3D
Ferdinand Rosa, Painting/Ceramics
Cherie Sayer, Painting
Collin Smith, Graphic Design
Linda Smith, Ceramics
Jennifer Stewart, Ceramics
Wesley Stewart, 3D
Julian Strayhorn II, Graphic Design
Janet Suarez, 2D
Heidi Van Leuven, Painting
Cindy Wallace, Photography
Wendy Welsh, Painting
Brent Williams, Jewelry
Ian Winsemius, Ceramics
John Yancey, Painting
Jing Zhou, Graphic Design


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