Alumni Spotlight: Eric Strauss

  1. Eric Strauss
    3D Studio Art Alumni

    First & Last Name:  Eric Strauss

  2. Degree: BFA, 3D Studio Art
  3. Graduation Year: 1985
  4. Personal Website:
  5. Where are you currently working? I own my own studio in Elijay, Georgia.
  6. What types of jobs & where have you held in the past? After he receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree focusing in bronze casting and ceramics, I studied in Italy and apprenticed for two years with Caroline Montague, a Georgia artist known for her monumental stainless steel and wall sculptures.
  7. Recent Successes? Current Projects? I have exhibited in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, California, Arizona, New Mexico and several other states. Today, my pieces can be found in museums, companies, schools and the collections of private collectors such as legendary musician Elton John and a founder of Home Depot.
  8. Where &/or how are you inspired? Living at the foot of the Smoky Mountains inspires my creativity My work is organic and I am constantly surrounded by nature. I live in it, I live with it and my kids grow up in it… I just love it. I look at everything through an artist’s eye. If not for University teachers like Professor Emeritus Pat Steadman I would not have made it as a full-time sculpture. The professors were great and really molded me to what I am today. I didn’t know it then. It took me years to discover it, and come back and say ‘wow’ I now know what they were talking about then.
  9. Most memorable moment/experience with the BFSDoArt? During a photography class I was taking as an elective, I opened the sculpture door that was always kept shut to keep the dust down. I saw this wonderful chaotic feast of materials and tools. What I saw spoke to me; it called me. It was then I changed my major from business to art.
  10. Involvement with any professional organizations. I’ve estimated that my art has helped raise at least $400,000 in almost 30 years. I do a lot of charity work because it is the only way I can give back.

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