Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Langley


Lauren Langley
2D Studio Art Alumni

    1. First & Last Name:  Lauren Langley
    2. Degree: BFA, 2D Studio Art
    3. Graduation Year: 2002
    4. Personal Website:
    5. Where are you currently working? Turner Broadcasting System in Atlanta, GA
    6. What types of jobs & where have you held in the past? Prior to working as an Expert Interaction Designer at Turner, I have worked in fine arts administration at a public art center and gallery in Atlanta, freelanced as a graphic designer and web designer, and have experience as a graphic designer at a small agency in south Florida.
    7. What is your favorite type of work? Contributing both visual design and front-end programming on emerging technology projects, and designing interactions that enhance a person’s experience using an application.
    8. Recent Successes? Current Projects? In my first year at Turner, I have worked on several public facing interactive media projects at events such as the State of the Union and Presidential Inauguration coverage on-air and at the National Mall for CNN, InstaBracket for during the Final Four, 80” touch screen application at Ryder Cup for PGA, and a scavenger hunt mobile application for Cartoon Network during Comic-Con.

      A screenshot of CNN’s “Tweet of the Union”
      A collaborative iPad app Langley was part of.

      I also graduated in May 2012 from Georgia Tech with a Master of Science degree in Digital Media, and won the Most Outstanding Master’s Project Award for my degree program. (View Lauren’s thesis project: The Water Quality Interactive Data Visualization Tool)

    9. Where &/or how are you inspired? I am inspired when I chat with people about the exciting things they are making, when looking through art and design books old and new, thumbing through old technical manuals, and being surrounded by nature.
    10. Most memorable moment/experience with the BFSDoArt? Going through the entire process of my senior project, from working alone in a studio to presenting artwork to the public in a gallery exhibit.
    11. If there was one thing you wish you knew before you graduated, what would it be? Working as a commercial artist, one must emotionally distance themselves from their artwork. Oh, and networking is not as scary as I once thought!
    12. Where would you like to see yourself, career-wise, in 10 years? I would love to have the opportunity to work as a Creative Director for emerging technology projects.
    13. Favorite color. Green
    14. Involvement with any professional organizations. IxDA Atlanta, AIGA
    15. Continuing education, grad school, etc.  Master of Science – Digital Media, Georgia Institute of Technology, May 2012


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