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As the 2013 A Day for Southern kicks off, we ask you keep the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art in mind. Not only do our scholarships ensure our students are awarded with their hard work, but it also provides exposure to the creative industry throughout the region.

0104 Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art
0790 Smith Callaway Banks Southern Folkart Collection
0520 Jeff Nichols Art Scholarship/Award
0872 E. Jane Pleak Ceramics Excellence Award
0801 Sanders Society Membership
0647 Art Department Sanders Sculpture
0851 Eagle Nation on Parade
0819 Peter Smith Memorial Graphic Design Scholarship
0713 Student Art Collection Award 3
0553 Graphic Communications Management Education
0753 QuadGraphics Scholarship

Recent graduate, John Howard received the Betty Foy Sanders Scholarship for his academic excellence.


Georgia Southern University student John David Howard embodies the type of artist the Sanders family had in mind when they endowed the University with scholarships to support the visual arts.

The Hinesville, Ga. senior prefers large-scale sculpture integrated with technology to bring his creative ideas to life, and his passion for the craft helped him win a Betty Foy Sanders Art Scholarship.

“When it was announced, I was so grateful because I am not from a family that has a lot of money,” said Howard. “It was just enough combined with other financial aid to pay my tuition and fees.”

The 22-year-old is racing the clock to complete a very ambitious and complex project that will help him secure his B.A. degree in studio art. Howard has spent weeks constructing a huge steel skeletal structure of a bald eagle that will be approximately 10 feet from head to toe with a wingspan of at least 14 feet. He will incorporate light and the cries and calls of Georgia Southern bald eagles, Freedom and Glory, to make the design an interactive experience for the public. Howard acknowledged his project is a huge endeavor, but said others are assisting him including professor, Jeff Schmuki, who has helped him work through obstacles.

“He has mentored me throughout the process as I add wiring and electrical to the design. He has taught me so much about how to use renewable energy to power the sculpture,” Howard said.

The upcoming graduate said he thinks of the project as his lasting legacy to the University, and when completed, the sculpture will be installed on campus.

“At this time we are looking at different buildings on campus,” Howard explained. “Since the sculpture will have to be suspended, any building with a high ceiling would be the perfect place to install the project.”


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